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March 27, 2015

Obama's Brilliant 2010 Lame Duck Deal

Matthew Yglesias points out that while President Obama was criticized for “weak bargaining” in the wake of the 2010 midterm elections, that deal turns out to have strengthened Obama’s bargaining power on the “fiscal cliff” and provided some policy wins to boot.

“Obama secured a deal that extended the middle-class tax cuts (which he and the GOP agreed on), extended UI benefits, created a stimulative payroll tax holiday, cleared the legislative decks for ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal and the passage of the New START arms-control treaty, and in exchange he gave up nothing of any real substance. Republicans got two more years’ worth of high-end tax cuts at a time when deficit reduction wouldn’t have helped the economy.”

“Whatever formal leverage he had two years ago still exists today, except now he gets to play that leverage from a somewhat stronger economic and political context. It’s totally solid legislative dealmaking and not any kind of cave-in or surrender.”

  • lkt

    Gasp! That can’t be! A bunch of emoprogs told me that the Pres got played.

  • Jeff Asbed

    The verdict is still out. We’ll see what deal he makes now. Will he put medicare and Social Security on the table? Will he hold firm and insist that marginal rates go up for wage earners making more than $250,000? Time will tell if he got played or played us.

  • aleth

    Everyone who actually listened and read the policy paper knew that there– GOP never received 98% of anything. It was clear as day. The only people who got played were the emotional reactive individuals.

    Not impressed with Matt– other pragmatics saww the written on the wall after the negiotiations. I.E. The People’s view, Pragmatic Obot— all participants saw it all. Nothing new.
    Props to the people who actually pay attention to policy and not reactionaries on either side of the spectrum. Take a look at the following blog posts:



    The president continues to be better served by disregarding the left. Right on cue they are out with their hair on fire claims i.e. Nation magazine’s newest emo article.

    Sorry this time, I don’t think the President needs to listen to the so called left, pundits or righties. He has been better served disregarding the reactionaries and going with his own policy viewpoints.

    Furthermore, the left does not get to have an opinion on the negiotiations on the fiscal cliff because they were never paying attention at initial debt deal, they were busy being “emotional”
    You don’t get to tell him whether he would hold firm on the mariginal tax rate on income of $250,000 because you know what — it was his idea anyways. The same idea he had when he tried to get all democrats on board to vote on ending the bush tax cut prior to the 2010 elections. But instead st Russ Feingold did not want to deal with such hot potatoe pre-election because it was no popular. Likewise, same group of people decided to turn the president’s proposal to increase it to $1 million and above. So excuse me if I am not moved by any analysis from the left. They are not impressive

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