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March 29, 2015

Chart of the Day

— Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-WA) released the basic breakdown of the Senate Democrats’ budget proposal ahead of the full proposal to be released later today. Dylan Matthews charts Murray’s budget numbers against House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) proposal.

The Democrats’ proposal “includes $100 billion in stimulus spending on infrastructure projects, $975 billion in new tax revenue through cutting expenditures, $493 billion in domestic cuts (including $275 billion in health cuts), and $240 billion in defense cuts (all numbers over 10 years)… Ryan’s got no tax increases, no stimulus, much more in spending cuts, and a much faster pace of deficit reduction.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “The federal budget proposals…are so far apart that the idea of a ‘grand bargain’ seems like a dream, with more siege warfare in Washington, D.C., the reality.”

  • DemInExile

    This chart is wrong. The bar on the right should be drawn above and on top of little figures of the backs of workers and the poor. And maybe throw in a few figures of guys in top hats smoking cigars on top of it for good measure.

    • ralph_wiggam

      Also doensnt include the lost revenue in taxes from republican tax cuts for the rich.

  • Tukas

    Start cutting!

    • DemInExile

      Tell us what you want to cut…

      • Tukas

        Just off the top of my head….The Fed, Legislators pay (50% across the board), Department of Education (turn it back to the states), the TSA, base line budgeting, repeal Obamacare, all government pensions converted to 401k’s.

        • DemInExile

          Unfortunately, you probably just ran the debt up and made it even bigger. Repeal of Obamacare will increase the debt. The following is taken directly from the CBO’s website regarding the GOP proposal to repeal the ACA (HR 6079)

          “Assuming that H.R. 6079 is enacted near the beginning of fiscal year 2013, CBO and JCT estimate that, on balance, the direct spending and revenue effects of enacting that legislation would cause a net increase in federal budget deficits of $109 billion over the 2013–2022 period.”

          You just fired all the people who work at the TSA, Dept of Ed., etc… many of whom will draw unemployment for a while, so that decreases the savings you expect.

          You just shut down almost all air travel in the US and destroyed the economy (TSA? Really?)

          Next, I’ll be generous and let you / the GOP welch out of commitments you’ve made to people (commitments you/the gov promised in the form of employment pensions. Just because you/the GOP don’t like that right now doesn’t mean you/the gov have an ethical right to welch out of your commitment) and lets just pretend that that saves, 300 billion dollars (for the 30 billion/year that the fed pensions are running in the red at the moment).

          You have now managed, over 10 years, to “save” the government approximately 300 billion dollars. I’ll be generous, throw in an extra 100 billion. Now you have to find 4 trillion dollars in additional cuts to match Ryan. Of course, as I mentioned, the layoffs you already made will have driven the economy into the toilet, caused a recession, and cost the government god only knows how much in tax revenue. But we will pretend it didn’t.

          So tell us, where will you get the next 4 trillion? And since “Just off the top of my head” was not very effective, take a little time, peruse the federal budget, and tell us where all this wasted money that can be saved is.

          • Ronnie+Rush

            They don’t care about the deficit. You should know that by now, so should every American because it is painfully obvious. They seek to cut spending because they are racists and they think, wrongly, that all government spending goes to “lazy” black people. Racism and racial resentment are the main factors that motivate the GOP base. The GOP establishment plays on the base’s hatred of black and brown people in order to benefit the corporations they serve.

          • Tukas

            Then how did Obama get elected as well as re-elected back to the presidency?

            p.s. being fiscally conservative does not equate to being in the GOP. Stop watching so much television.

          • DemInExile

            We are painfully aware that fiscal conservativism and the GOP do not equate.

            Your HR 6079 response shows you are a troll, too lazy to look up information, or unable to comprehend it when you do.

            And no, the TSA does not regulate air travel, but try getting on a flight without staffed security.

          • Tukas

            I was citing *your* figures for the HR. Unless you are posting made up articles to prove your position at all costs.

            Calling names is really not necessary. If you wanted a link to my 1.3T figure, you just have to ask.


          • DemInExile

            Repealing ACA will increase the deficit by 109 billion, not cost 109 billion. Your costs of the ACA (1.3T) are less than the savings + revenue. Its really not that hard to figure out if you try.

          • Tukas

            Increasing the deficit IS a cost!

          • DemInExile

            Nobody can be that dense. You are a troll. I’m done with you

          • Tukas

            Deficit: An excess of expenditure or liabilities over income or assets in a given period.


            The deficit is the difference between the money Government takes in, called receipts, and what the Government spends, called outlays, each year.

          • toeknee

            I want to shake your hand for this great response.

          • Tukas

            The TSA does not regulate air travel. It slows down air travel. The FAA would still be there.

          • Tukas

            H.r. 6079 =$109 billion to stop

            Keeping Obamacare =$1.3 TRILLION

          • Clintons Record

            cut what Clinton cut: Education, Medicaid, Food Stamps to name three big programs.

        • Tom_P

          And for the other four trillion?

          • Tukas

            Tax money would still be rolling in. All the departments would save the population at large the rules, fees and fines and upkeep on those programs as well, not just the salaries of people who used to work there. Kill the farm bill, sugar subsidies, corporate subsidies too.

          • moderatesunite

            except the dogma of most current republican congress ending subsidies such the one for sugar, or oil oil companies is a “tax increase” and therefore something to be avoiding

        • moderatesunite

          those are small potatoes, many of which reflect significant philosophical differences between the parties.
          As has already been addressed many of them would atcually increase the deficit
          Everything except changes to healthcare(that introduce real regulation, and cause real price savings), Cuts to the military, and increasing taxes is small potato grandstanding that will do between Next to nothing and INCREASE the deficit despite claims to the contrary

    • Tom_P

      Except the military, I presume?

    • Ronnie+Rush

      Republicans like Tukas are motivated almost entirely by racial resentment. They think (incorrectly) that all government spending is welfare for black people. Of course, that is insane. But that is the reality in America. We have a large portion of the population — tens of millions of people — who viciously detest anyone who isn’t a white conservative “Christian”. Sadly, the corporations, assisted by politicians and their own in-house “media” have trained these people to do their bidding to enhance their profits. It is a disgusting and sorry state of affairs, and the media is complicit in allowing it to continue unabated.

      • Tukas

        “Republicans like Tukas are motivated almost entirely by racial resentment.”
        ROFL! Are you SERIOUS?!?! Your assumption is laughable and more likely you projecting. Stop watching so much cable tv!

      • Chredon

        I disagree, RR. I think Republicans like Tukas have simply bought into the well-refuted lie that cutting government spending will improve the economy, balance the budget, and create jobs. They have had this poured into their heads for years now. The fact that it is totally false is irrelevant to them. The fact that the policies they support only serve to enrich the already-wealthy is totally lost on them. They have been programmed to act against their own self-interest and, like any good computer, they won’t even know that their program has a bug in it until it crashes.

  • Leftcoastrocky

    The chart on the right would drive the economy back in the Second Great Recession — further decreasing tax revenues and actually increasing the deficit.

    • Ronnie+Rush

      More like Second Great Depression and the end to America as we know it.

    • Tom_P

      “Gosh, isn’t that a shame? Guess we can’t afford Social Security any more, with this deficit.” Oh whoops this is a script labelled “GOP line for 2021″

  • Ronnie+Rush

    Republicans are anti-American sociopaths.

    • toeknee

      No fair! They also look down on workers in other countries too!

  • nagol100

    Why are the Dems proposing “stimulus” spending?? And on infrastructure of all things? I can only assume that’s they’re using this Orwellian terminology to better package this spending increase, because I can’t fathom what they think the economic stimulus is either necessary for or going to do.

    • Forrest

      Take Macroeconomics 101 and you will find these answers.

    • DemInExile

      Dems are proposing stimulus because it works. Don’t take my word for it, take year 2002-Paul Ryan’s word for it. Ignore the leftist website and just focus on the video in the link.

      If you support today’s GOP it means you’ve been hoodwinked by these liars, or you are complicit in trying to harm the America economy for political gain.

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