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March 31, 2015

Has Obama Become Irrelevant?

Ramesh Ponnuru notes that while President Obama may have won reelection in 2012, he has been mostly sidelined in the major policy debates of his second term.

“His campaign for new gun regulations is fizzling out — and not, primarily, because of opposition from the Republican House or filibuster threats from Republican senators… Liberals can celebrate the rapidly increasing support for same-sex marriage. Most of the action on that issue, though, is taking place in state legislatures, referendums and the courts… The main policy achievement that liberals have made since the election was the tax increase at the start of the year… But the most powerful force in that debate was inertia, not Obama.”

“On immigration, the budget and other issues, the president will, of course, have influence: Senate Democrats won’t want to break with him in public. There is, however, essentially no chance that he will veto anything that the Democratic Senate passes, and thus Republicans can safely pay him little attention on many issues.”

  • FreeStateLarry

    His term that started three months ago and has 45 months to go? I doubt he’s “already irrelevant”. I think he showed he’s relevant to the American people through his response to yesterday’s events, and any immigration deal we get he will surely be instrumental in.

    Ponnuru is an arrogant pseudo-journalist who tries really really hard to convince everyone he has something important to say.

  • Jo Hargis

    Well said, FreeStateLarry. Taegan, what is your major malfunction? If you want to play right wing nut, just say so. Frankly, this ol’ lady is getting fed up with your constant right wing crap. This article is so stupid and so slanted, one can only assume you agree to some extent or why bother publishing it?

    • FreeStateLarry

      Wonk Wire has more than a fair share of left-leaning opinions, to be fair. To be honest, I think the only thing wrong with posting it is that it belongs on PWire and not Wonk Wire, but hey, it’s not my website. That said, I don’t think posting something hints at implicit agreement- just look at how often some wingnut’s word vomit is featured as Quote of the Day.

      It’s more about highlighting where the conversation is than anything. WWire posting Ponnuru means that Obama’s supposed irrelevance is the next talking point in the conservative blogosphere circle jerk. Considering Ponnuru’s apparent deficit of intellectual capacity, it’s fair to say his article is just a regurgitation of what he’s been hearing.

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