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March 31, 2015

Why Can’t We Have Data-Based Government?

Tom Shoop explores efforts to bring a “Moneyball” mentality to government, in which policymakers and agencies are “relentlessly focused on goals, not processes, and rigorous in efforts to gather evidence about program performance.”

“Part of the problem is it’s really hard… Even if you develop the right performance measures — which can take years of trial and error — you’re faced with the issue of getting people to act on them. Every program has  congressional backers, and often they’re not interested in learning about whether or not their pet project is working. If it’s delivering a benefit to a particular constituency, then mission accomplished.”

  • CJR

    Getting elected means listening (pandering?) to the will of the people.

    But it is the job of the people to be informed about current events and issues.

    It is the job of the PRESS to ensure that the people are well-informed, and that they have access to the facts.

    Our current press system is profit-driven, not fact-driven.It’s better to have a lot of viewers/readers (profits) than be accurate.

    Until that changes, there’s not much hope.

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