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March 29, 2015

We Need to Cap College Tuition

Although Congress has reached a deal on student loan interest rates, Cullen Roche points out that there is a much bigger issue that has yet to be resolved: “The data clearly shows that the risk to the taxpayers is on the rise and the strain on US consumers from student loans isn’t going to improve any time soon.”

“The unlimited availability of student loans has allowed colleges to sharply raise tuition and fees over the past few years – often simply because they could… Rising cost for higher education in turn forced students to take out larger loans and in greater numbers, increasing the overall loan balances… Higher delinquencies are inevitable and as long as the government funds this program, there really is only one way to arrest rising levels of student debt.”

“The taxpayers funding this program should insist that if a college accepts over a certain percentage of students paying with federally backed student loans, that college must agree to cap tuition and fees. It’s time for institutions of higher learning to start living by the concept of ‘chained CPI’ rather than to just keep writing research papers on it.”

  • Richard Brandt

    I agree with the cap. Also consider holding schools responsible for a percentage of the loan — 10-20%. That makes them partners in the success of their students, as it should be.

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