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February 28, 2015

Americans Got Wealthier When Nobody Was Looking

Harry Enten: “In its August report, the BEA revised a bunch of a measures including disposable personal income, which was ‘revised.. down for 2008, and up for 2009-2012′. That means essentially that Americans have had more money in their pockets…”

“It goes a long way in explaining in why President Obama won last year…  Americans had more money than we thought, and growth was better coming off of a more depressed 2008 than originally believed.”

“For explaining elections… disposable income growth over the course of a president’s term continues to do a pretty good job. If people have more money in their pockets, they’re more likely to reward the party in power.”

  • Wynstone

    Romney is still pushing the message things have gotten worse! Lying is a sin.

    • ErikDC

      It’s not a lie. The President has made things worse — for Romney. Obama ended Romney’s life long dream of becoming President. For a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, it doesn’t get worse than that!

      • Wynstone

        When you come from power and privilege like Romney and McCain before him, success isn’t measured in dollars or good deeds, it’s measured in whether you outdid your Dad. I truly believe that’s what drove both men.

    • Fatmike1968

      Remember though, lying is okay among LDS if it serves to promote the religion… Obviously Rmoney relied heavily on this tenant throughout his campaign

  • Lou Alexander

    Just goes to show you what happens when there is a Fascist, Socialist, Muslim Kenyan in the White House:)))))))))))))))))

    • JimCA

      That’s a fascist, socialist, communist, Muslim Kenyan who belongs to a radical Christian church and pals around with wall street bankers conspiring to take away our guns.

      If you’re going to post on the inter-tubes, at least try to get your facts straight.

      • Lou Alexander

        Sorry…I forgot about the guns!

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