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March 2, 2015

More Young Republicans Use Key Obamacare Provision

“Obamacare may have become a partisan issue, but more Republicans than Democrats have signed up for one of its most popular provisions,” NBC News reports.

“One of the most popular provisions of the law lets people age 26 and younger stay on their parents’ health insurance… They found that by last March, 63 percent of young adults identifying as Republicans had enrolled in a parent’s health plan in the last 12 months, compared to 45 percent of those who considered themselves Democrats.”

  • NativeTxn

    As it turns out, what they don’t like about Obamacare is the first three syllables.

  • S1AMER

    On the one hand, this is good news. On the other hand, though, it makes young Republicans appear to be smarter than young Democrats, and surely that’s not so.

    • Becklev

      No, it means fewer of them have jobs with insurance, so they’re still dependent on Daddy/Mommy.

    • Moudsie

      No, it’s not so – -they are not smarter — just much more devious.

  • James_in_Sacramento

    Maybe it’s just that their parents are more likely to already have insurance.

    • Moudsie

      I suspect that it’s like former Sen. Scott Brown’s daughter — he voted against the healthcare bill, but the minute his oldest daughter was eligible–he put her on his plan — bottom line — it appears GOPers are more hypocritical.

      • Lorehead

        That charge is silly: advocating a change in the rules does not ethically obligate you to unilaterally disarm. Or should politicians who support campaign-finance reform stop accepting donations under the rules in place? If a coach said that the NBA should move the 3-point line back, does that mean his team should stop taking 3-point shots from behind the line that’s there now?

        • Stephen Hero

          I almost see your point.
          Let’s agree, at the least, it’s extremely cynical politics

      • Jeremy Belko

        That makes no sense. Your arguing that republicans are hypocrits because they are taking advantage if something that they voted against. So are you taking advantage of the bush era tax rate reductions? If u are, then you are also a hypocrit.

        • Moudsie

          The ones that “took advantage” of the Bush era (error) tax reductions were mostly businesses — I don’t own a business and, of course, the 1%. And yes, if one voted against something, they shouldn’t then run right out and sign up for it. One blithering idiot of a GOPer has cancer and got insurance through the Obama plan but would vote against it — so he would prefer to what, die, not have insurance, not get medical care — apparently so.

          • Jeremy Belko

            We need to separate the concept if health insurance from health care. What is insurance? It is a protection from a future cataclysmic event. In your example if someone getting cancer that would qualify. So if one was. Not responsible before hand to obtain protection from it they would have to figure out how pay for treatment.

          • Moudsie

            OMG–are you serious– okay health care would be going to a doctor and health insurance would be what would pay for it . Now it someone was diagnosed with cancer — it wouldmake sense they would want insurance (The Affordable Health Care Plan) to pay the bills — one doesn’t know what illness might hit them and therefore, it makes sense to be insured — just like, you know, car insuranc — no one plans on an accident, but they do happen –same with house insurance. So stop being stupid.

          • Jeremy Belko

            When do u purchase insurance? Before a cataclysmic event or after? This is the fatal flaw with the ACA is the forcing of insurance to cover pre-existing conditions. No risk managing business can last if after someone has an accident, then can purchase insurance.

          • Moudsie

            Really and would you not buy car insurance until you had an accident and then try to get coverage — good luck with that! Or if you house catches fire — would you then buy insurance and hope you would get reimbursed? It does not work that way–and if one has health insurance, one is more likely to go to the doctor and find problems early on, rather than wait until they are so sick–nothing would help. Case in point–my cousin needed a scan for a kidney issue — she has had health insurance for years — and that scan covered more than her kidney–they found lung cancer — had she not had insurance — she might have forgone the kidney scan (she was feeling fine) and when I suppose, she would have been so bad off with the lung cancer–nothing could be done-she, instead, IWTH INSURANCE HAD SURGERY and treatment and is fine today.

  • easton

    sadly I doubt it will make any impact on them. I think it was on politicalwire I read a prominent Republican cancer survivor supports Obamacare but will still vote for the GOP reps and Senators who pledge to repeal it. He is literally putting his life at risk (since he wouldn’t be able to get insurance without the PPACA) due to his ideology.

    • Moudsie

      This is true–I read it too–what an idiot–but that’s a GOPer for you.

  • heinen

    Since there are more Democrats than Republicans, particularly among young people, the conclusion of the headline (more Republicans…) does not follow from the text of the story itself (higher percentage of Republicans…).

    • Jeremy Belko

      I suggest you check your facts. There are more registered republicans than democrats. And the trend on university campuses has been to the conservative and libertarian movement

    • Moudsie

      The GOP is trying to stop the Dems from voting — which is why they implemented the voter ID, restrictions on early voting and/or absentee voting — all aimed at the young DEM voter–one GOP pol even admitted it.

  • False Dichotomy

    Socialist moocher “Republicans”!

  • John Quentin Public

    Let’s not forget how many conservatives believe that “Legal” means “Required.” Conservatives signing up for Obamacare doesn’t mean anything. It’s just like the sudden surge in self-identified Republicans who will be marrying a same-sex partner in the near future, and the number of self-identified Republicans who had abortions after the Roe vs. Wade decision. Really, that’s why a lot of conservatives are completely against most of these laws. They’re convinced that they can’t legally opt out.

  • Valley Forge

    How many young Rs have sought out insurance from any source vs young Ds? Without that information this statistic is meaningless. Like saying more dogs than cats chase Buicks without knowing that more dogs chase cars period.

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