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March 2, 2015

Should Ginsburg Retire?

Paul Horwitz: “Whether on the surface or just beneath it, a lot of the angry defenses of Justice Ginsburg’s entitlement to sit as long as she chooses seem to involve a heavy dose of hero worship. I’m sure she’s earned it! (More because of what she did as a practicing lawyer than what she has done on the Court, in my view, but opinions may differ.) But it should be recognized for what it is.”

“If you don’t think that the Court is that important, or don’t care¬†that¬†much about rights or legal liberalism…then the view that Ginsburg should feel free to retire when she feels like it makes sense. On the other hand, if you’re really serious in thinking that the cause of legal liberalism matters a lot, and that the fate of the Court matters a lot, then you should care…about the cause, not the privileges of its leaders. And if justice, rights, and that kind of stuff is your motivation, then it seems to me that you should be on board with the view that these things would be advanced by the immediate retirement of Justice Ginsburg (and/or Breyer).”

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