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February 1, 2015

GOP Official Explains How He’ll Sabotage Obamacare

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens (R) explains on video how he intends to do “everything in our power to be an obstructionist” and sabotage implementation of Obamacare in his state.

  • MrBeale

    There isn’t enough man in this creature to hate.

    • Gregory Williams

      the fact that he is a sub-humanoid elected to public office by cult conservatives is all that it takes to hate him.

      Still I agree with your sentiments and what lies behind them.

  • Wynstone

    I missed the part where any of that protects consumers.

    • molosky

      The free market rEVOLution is on its way, ready to help all who are worthy.

      In the meantime, the weak genes of the poors must be eradicated by leaving preventable diseases untreated.

      • Greg Smith

        I hope this is snark…

        • Gregory Williams

          IT WAS…. or so some people say…and for once some people are right for saying that.

      • History

        Sieg heil!

  • doninsd

    I can’t wait for the insurance premium notices to appear stating that the rate differences are the result only of Obamacare, and that will be a 35% reduction.

    • Gregory Williams

      He APPROVED drastic rate increases and intends that OBAMA takes the blame for his vile actions… that is why they abused the process of legislative authority to do this vile thing – they are framing the president for their crimes and abuses.

    • Jerricho

      My Insurance Company says to expect large increases in Rates!

  • Jerry Harness

    What do you expect? After stuffing his pockets with insurance carrier lobby dollars, this dog and pony show must go on. Concern for the public or the US in general was never even considered.

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