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March 30, 2015

Is Republican Debt Ceiling Threat a Bluff?

House Republicans have made it clear that they will not raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts and that they are ready for a fight, but Josh Barro argues that “Republicans are full of it.”

“If Republicans were to stage another debt ceiling showdown over entitlement reform, they would have to (1) threaten to cause an economic crisis unless (2) they are given a package of reforms that many Republican officials don’t even want, which (3) would also happen to be hugely unpopular with voters.”

“So why is Boehner making debt ceiling threats again? Well, for one thing, it’s August, and in August, Republican House members go to town halls… But also, the debt ceiling won’t hit until mid-October, while a government shutdown must be averted by September 30, and Boehner needs an explanation of why he won’t back efforts to shut down the government unless Obamacare is defunded… The platinum coin isn’t needed.”

  • dectra

    Boehner is NOT a ‘leader’ of the House, he’s a teabagger door stop. Why even include him in the discussions? He has the spine of Jello.

  • Jesse4

    It’ll be fun to watch the upcoming Boehner vrs. Bagger Battle Royale.

  • serena1313

    We saw what happened last time when the Republicans took the country to the brink threatening to default. For Boehner, who knows better, and the other “leaders” (I use the term loosely) of the Party, who also know better, to encourage the far-right base for political gain is not only egregiously irresponsible and dangerous but they should lose their jobs for it.

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