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March 28, 2015

America Embraces Isolationism

Ronald Brownstein: “For nearly a decade, from Bill Clinton’s first-term moves into Haiti and Bosnia through George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, the current of American foreign policy moved steadily toward greater tolerance of military intervention abroad. The division, ambivalence, and hesitation in both parties about intervening in Syria culminate a subsequent decade that has almost completely reversed this tide.”

  • sandbun

    Yes, because thinking that bombing a country in the middle of a civil war in a way to ‘deter’ them from using chemical weapons is not the best way to achieve the result we want is the exact same thing as isolationism.

  • OhWelll

    Is this guy serious? Last I checked we had military deployed in 150 countries and were in the middle of two prolonged wars. I believe we would have to address these facts before we “embraced isolationism.” The public may also believe that intervention in Syria is just a dumb move.

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