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February 27, 2015

What Really Makes America Exceptional?

Adam Ozimek: “Now the ‘exceptionalism’ or what you might call the ‘greatness’ of a country is certainly extremely difficult to measure… So how would an economist decide how exceptional a country is? Revealed preference of individuals, of course… Gallup’s 2013 poll on this shows that more than anywhere else, people want to move to the U.S.”

“While people may (and should) argue all they want about whether income inequality is too high, economic freedom is too low, the healthcare and public school systems are too expensive and low productivity, and whatever else they do or don’t like about America, the fact remains that 138 million people want to move here. That’s more than triple the next most popular destination, the U.K. So whatever pundits think about America, it still looks pretty exceptional according to the individual preferences of people all over the world.”

  • Charles Wolf

    That’s easy.

  • john hall

    We had Humphrey Bogart, and no one else had!

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