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March 30, 2015

Why a Government Shutdown Could Be a Good Thing

“The federal government moved closer to the brink of a shutdown,” according to The Hill, “as House Republicans failed to quell a conservative rebellion and were forced to delay a vote on a stopgap spending bill.”

“If passed by the House, the Senate would have to vote on the healthcare measure before it could act on the spending bill, and the spending bill could still become law even if Senate Democrats were to vote down the defunding of ObamaCare… The delay once again laid bare the deep divisions within the party over fiscal strategy.”

Ezra Klein explains why the growing odds of a government shutdown “may not be such a bad thing.”

“A government shutdown wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It’s breaching the debt ceiling that would be a disaster… If the GOP needs to lose a giant showdown in order to empower more realistic voices and move forward, it’s better that showdown happens over a government shutdown then a debt-ceiling breach.”

  • xian

    that’s some twisted logic: let the baby smash the vase so he won’t break the expensive china

    • HeraSentMe

      If it weren’t for twisted logic, they’d have no logic at all.

      Doom, despair and agony on we.

      • txpro

        ennui, not ‘on we’

  • Mary Bell Lockhart

    Just because failing to raise the debt limit would be disastrous while the government shutdown would be a lesser disaster, that does NOT mean that government shutdown would be a “good” thing.

  • CoolTex

    A shutdown is a real good thing…stops them from writing laws to the tune of 30k per year…we’re all criminals now!

    • dectra

      Another comment from a Texas Teabagger……….gee, I’m shocked at the level of inept commentary from you ‘cooltex’.

      • CoolTex

        Ever wondered why your nickname is Richard…? Assuming and a personal attack with no alternative suggestion solution…if I were assuming as you do, you would be a communist, democrat, gay acting sissy – no not homosexual, sissy, and since you are not part of the solution, must be part of the problem…and your mother dresses you funny…

  • dectra


    Love your writing, but in this you are dead wrong.

    Shutting down the Government will slow the economy, and show the world (yet again) that we can not focus on getting our house in order: Jobs, Immigration, Taxes, none of which will be addressed while this kabuki theater grinds on.

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