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March 3, 2015

How to Tell if Obamacare is Working

Digital First Media has eleven ways to tell whether President Obama’s health care reform law is working as the insurance exchanges launch in the coming weeks.

“Experts expect people to sign up for insurance in waves. The first will be right after the marketplaces open on Oct. 1. The second will be before Dec. 15, the deadline to buy a policy that starts on the new year. And the last is just before March 31, the last day to buy 2014 coverage before receiving a tax penalty… The first two deadlines will give a sense of whether there are major problems, but given how many people wait until the last minute to file their taxes, the third is the most important.”

“Some states have embraced the law, expanding Medicaid, setting up insurance exchanges and promoting signups. They’ll be the best test of whether the law works, so look at the number of uninsured in those states at the end of next year… For big states, California and New York are good bellwethers. Among mid-sized states, Colorado and Maryland. And for smaller states, Oregon and Vermont.”

“Will any Republican pundits or officials change their minds on the law this year?… It’s much more likely that a pundit, especially a contrarian like Newt Gingrich, or a retired politician will make the leap, but a governor or two may also be in the mix.”

  • DownriverDem

    In Michigan the teabagging legislature passed Medicaid expansion. Good huh? Not so fast. They made sure it did not take immediate affect. It won’t go into affect until April 1st. So folks who will be going on it must find health insurance for 3 months to comply with the law until they can get Medicaid. Repubs are immoral bastards.

    • mhandrh

      Any way they can wield power over the vulnerable — it’s the way of bullies.

    • KurtBusiek

      If the article above is correct, as long as they’re covered by April 1, there’s no tax penalty. It’s still three (more) months without insurance, which is pointlessly heartless, but they don’t incur the penalty unless they’re still uninsured in April.

  • DCDemocrat

    This is not hard. In the stated that implement Obamacare, there will be a dramatic decrease in the uninsured. In the states that don’t implement it, there won’t be. Take it to the bank.

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