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March 27, 2015

Feds Challenge North Carolina Voter ID Law

“The Justice Department will sue North Carolina…over the state’s new voting law,” the Washington Post reports, “the latest move by the Obama administration to counter a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that officials have said threatens the voting rights of minorities.”

“The suit, to be announced at a Washington news conference, follows the department’s decision last month to sue Texas over that state’s new voter-identification measure… Under the new law, North Carolina residents are required to show a photo ID at polling places.”

Politico: “The suit, set to be filed in Greensboro, N.C., will ask that the state be barred from enforcing the new voter-ID law… However, the case will also go further, demanding that the entire state of North Carolina be placed under a requirement to have all changes to voting laws, procedures and polling places ‘precleared’ by either the Justice Department or a federal court.”

  • trotter2047

    I am from NC and I support the new voter ID laws.. you have to show ID to go to the library, go to the bank, pick up your child from school, get social security card.. whats the problem, the State is offering FREE ID cards, there are people volunteering to take people to get them.. unless you plan to vote more than once or for the dead… and we all know who does that.. I don’t see a problem with it except it will stop voter fraud which is rampant in this state. Leave us alone feds, you mess up our lives enough without interfering with our State government

    • Chredon

      Your premise is false, trottter. Voter fraud is not rampant in North Carolina, nor in any other state. Groups like the Voter ID Project make false claims about thousands of fraudulent votes, nearly all of which are shown to have been proper on examination. Since 2008, only 475 ballots have been referred to the justice system for analysis, and of those, there have been absolutely zero prosecutions. And even if those cases had all been true, the current voter ID law would have only prevented one of them. One.

      And while the cards themselves may be free, getting the documentation you need in order to get the card is not. It requires getting a certified copy of your birth certificate. This can cost a fair amount, especially since it may require a trip to the state (or country) in which you were born.

      Then there are the changes in voting itself – reducing early voting (which will cause longer lines on Election Day), not allowing polling stations to stay open late (which, coupled with reduced early voting, means that many people will not have a chance to vote), no same-day registration, no pre-registration for 16 and 17-year-olds, and it all adds up to one simple equation. The GOP leaders in our state are doing everything in their power to make it difficult or impossible for the elderly, the young, recent immigrants, and the disabled to vote, on the pretense of solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

      And I’ll bet you $100 that when Election Day actually rolls around, we’ll find that polling stations in GOP-heavy areas are well-equipped and staffed to handle the number of voters they get, while polling places in Democratic-heavy areas have fewer booths per registered voter, fewer volunteers, and not enough ballots, leading to long lines and many voters turned away.

      • trotter2047

        Well that isn’t my experience, I have a brother who is mentally handicapped and the workers at the group home he lives in took all of the guys to the polling place and voted for them.. and there were complaints and no there were no prosecutions, but that didn’t make it any less a fact that it happened and the workers were laughing about it.. I don’t care what you say, again you have to have ID to do the basic things in life..don’t tell me people don’t have one you can’t go through life without some sort of ID.. the GOP leaders are trying to stop multiple voting, voting by illegal immigrants, and fraudulent voting..

        • Chredon

          How would requiring an ID have prevented the situation you describe? Wouldn’t your brother still have an ID that would be valid for this? What you describe is definitely election fraud – it’s just not a type of fraud that a Voter ID would prevent.

        • Chredon

          BTW: I have also read stories of voter fraud in which the administrators of retirement homes have requested absentee ballots for all of their residents, filled them out themselves, and sent them in. The FEC reports that absentee ballot fraud is a much bigger issue than in-person fraud. But since most absentee ballots are cast by older Americans and the military, the GOP has no interest in doing anything about that.

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