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March 4, 2015

Democrats Should Stop Focusing on Tax Increases

Ezra Klein: “Democrats should admit the obvious. For the time being, they’ve lost on taxes… At this point, the Republican opposition to taxes has nothing to do with policy. It has nothing to do with the economy. It’s religion… Refusing to raise taxes is what it means to be a Republican in this day and age. The worst mistake Democrats could make would be to become the mirror image of Republicans on the tax issue.”

“When the budget commission sits down, Democrats should expand the playing field… Democrats should use their leverage to get something they actually want. Immigration reform and infrastructure investment are obvious places to start. They mean vastly more to the economy and to people’s lives than slightly higher taxes on rich people.”

  • Chredon

    And you will pay for this infrastructure… how exactly. I mean, if you’re not going to raise taxes?

  • xian

    they just need some b.s. fig leaf to fool their innumerate base

  • Gregory Williams

    Here is another conservative telling people to give into conservatives and to reward them for their obstructionist game playing – in order to end DEFICIT spending taxes have to go up and special sweet heart tax provisions for corporations and the rich have to be ended so they pay their fair share … in fact they have to go up just enough to generate a budget surplus so actual DEBT reduction/pay down can happen.

    Republicans are not capable of funding and operating government properly and that should be rammed down their throats deep enough so they have no choice but to swallow the only medicine that will put this country back on a path to prosperity and progress.

  • pancho cruz

    Obama wasn’t aware of any problems with the ACA rollout, Bengahzi, Fast and Furious, the IRS persecution of conservatives, the NSA spying on citizens or the DOJ spying on reporters. What does this guy do every day? He’s the worst president this country has ever had and we still have 3 years to go. Support the Tea Party!

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