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March 30, 2015

A Record Obama Doesn’t Want

Cullen Roche points “a pretty amazing statistic developing during the Presidency of Barack Obama… He is the greatest government job killer in the modern economic age!”

“In the post war era a US President has NEVER averaged a contraction in government employees throughout his entire term. But that’s exactly what Barack Obama is doing. At -0.7% per month, he is on pace to average a contraction in the total government workforce for his Presidency.”

  • hippie1367

    It should be pointed out it wasn’t his idea to cut govt spending when the economy needed a boost – that was bluedogs and GOPers – the same ones who always whine about not getting their way….also ending a couple wars will cut jobs.

    • microphone

      It’s not about taking credit. Obamacare was also the creations the “won’t-take-yes-for-an-answer” crowd.

  • southerndemnut

    Reduced deficits and reduction in the size of government, gee you would have thought Obama was a Republican President. Clinton, the previous Democratic President, had the slowest growth of government since JFK and balanced the budget. The kinds of things that Republicans talk about but never do.

    • Sharon Tomalavage

      I love the way you guys conveniently ‘forget’ that in order for Clinton and JFK to do this, they had to negotiate on many republican ideas. Something this President viscerally hates!! As his comment to Senator McCain shortly after his election win when they were all in conference over the proposed healthcare bill–when McCain brought up very good ideas (all market-based), Obama quickly put him in his place by saying, “John, I won, you didn’t and this election win has its consequences for you”. What an egotistical thing to say, especially when no Conservative would Ever agree that Mccain was an extremist of any kind. This reduced deficit and size of government sir, came about In Spite Of, not Because of Obama’s policies as the sequestration was allowed to continue. This was something Obama Never thought republicans had the guts to do, but they did. (yes, Obama proposed it first, but only because he assumed that these cuts across the board would frighten republicans so much that they would cave-well they did Not.

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