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January 29, 2015

American Education Falls Further Behind

John Cassidy highlights a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development showing that “In basic literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills…younger Americans are at or near the bottom of the standings among advanced countries.”

“The education and skill levels of a country’s population aren’t the only determinants of its economic fate… But as countries such as Japan and Korea have amply demonstrated, having a well-educated and well-trained labor force is an essential foundation of economic prosperity. And for the United States…enhancing workers’ skill sets and productivity is simply essential.”

“This is, again, far from the first international comparison to make the United States look bad… At this stage, we don’t really need more evidence that there is a problem. We need a concerted national effort to address it.”

  • pitch1934

    We can fix that. Keep pouring money into the for-profit charter schools. Obviously, the more they profit, the smarter they will make our kids, NOT!

  • Layla

    Government education in this country sucks, thus the reason why so many are in private schools or home schooled. These kids score much higher than most.

    Jeb Bush is pushing Common Core, the federally backed curriculum. It is pure big government propaganda and indoctrination of our children, not to mention making Bush and other government contractors rich in the process.

    The corruption of the nation continues, aided and abetted by our own politicians.

    How about we return to teaching them the basics and leave the social justice and indoctrination out of it? Schools are not even teaching history anymore, another reason why many are turning to private and home schooling.

    • salthebarber

      There is nothing wrong with Common Core for math. Look at the MCAS (in Massachusetts) test for third grade math as an example. It is comprehensive. Layla, I have trouble understanding where you are exactly coming from with the above statements. History not taught in our publics schools? Publics schools do not suck.

      • Layla

        That’s right. History not being taught in our schools. Florida hasn’t taught it for years. The state threatened to cut off funding without it, so now they teach US history….ONE WEEK per year.

        Public school DO SUCK and the test scores prove that.

        • salthebarber

          We teach history in Massachusetts. Our eighth graders scored #2 in science and #6 in math internationally. There are plenty of other great public schools in this country. This can be checked online.

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