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March 29, 2015

Chart of the Day

FT Alphaville provides this chart from BCA Research showing the collapse of infrastructure spending over the last decade.

“There are reasonable debates to be had about the necessity (or non-necessity) of making credible commitments to future fiscal consolidation… But that’s different from arguing that tax and spending policies right now should focus on, or even care about, reducing the budget deficit. And there’s a good chance that we’ll look back with regret at the tightening represented in the chart above, which has taken place during a time when interest rates have been scraping the ground.”

“It’s also likely that much of the investment that has been forgone in the name of fiscal consolidation will have to be made eventually anyways — only it will be made when rates are higher, exacerbating the long-term fiscal outlook rather than improving it.”

  • Leftcoastrocky

    We are leaving our children an inefficient and dangerous infrastructure. Businesses will not only be less likely to locate in the U.S. but may relocate to other countries. Also, the poor infrastructure makes our economy less efficient and thus less profitable. Shame on us. Again, penny wise and pound foolish.

  • uselogic19

    Nice chart; questionable analysis. It assumes the reduction in spending is soley due to fiscal tightening. Good chance that the same money went elsewhere…. snap cards, green energy projects, bailouts, dead illegal immigrants, military actions.

    Either way, it drives a stake in the heart of the “shovel ready” projects meme.

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