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March 2, 2015

Can Obamacare Survive More Bad News?

The stream of bad news plaguing the rollout of and the health insurance exchanges has Ezra Klein wondering whether these political problems “create correspondingly huge policy problems for the law.”

“The answer depends on two things. First, does the White House’s evident inability to repair the Web site in a timely fashion (or even, at this point, an untimely fashion) lead congressional Democrats to panic and support bills — like a yearlong delay in the individual mandate — that make it harder for the law to succeed even once its digital infrastructure is fixed?”

“The second question, of course, is how far off-schedule the White House really is. If is working smoothly for the majority of users on December 1st but it only works smoothly for the “vast majority” of users on December 15th, that won’t matter much. If the Web site remains more or less unusable into 2014, that’s obviously a much bigger problem for the law.”

  • F Michael Addams

    Let’s all piss our pants together..

  • mpcsu

    The Democrats are already running for cover on this, which is why even Feinstein and Jeff Merkely are supporting bills that basically kill the minimum standard provision, which is a huge part of how the bill works. If people can stay on shell plans that cover nothing, and then get nailed when they actually get sick, how does that control cost? It doesn’t. The market reforms were basically all we ended up with, and if they take them out, basically what we’ll end up with is a partial Medicaid expansion that states don’t have to offer. Great haul for an entire presidency. Why didn’t they delay the website launch? Bad press for a month vs. this horrible outcome.

  • Dave

    The website is perfectly useable now. For crying out loud. I zoomed through the application process this morning without a hitch and I know others who have done the same.

    • Layla

      So we can have our identities stolen? NO THANKS.

      • Jesse4

        You’re sounding desperate.

      • Jesse4

        You’re sounding desperate.

      • Thirteen

        Stolen by who? The government? Newsflash, I think the government already knows your Social Security number!

      • xian

        We’ve already stolen your identity through disqus (owned by the NSA)– a van will be coming to visit you later today to take you to a FEMA reeducation camp.

  • frankelee

    People are enrolling, I imagine problems won’t last in 2014. Could it have been implemented a lot better? Yes. Could the law be lot better? Yes. But it’s a start.

    • Layla

      Maybe that will make the 1 million in CA who just lost their policies feel better, but I seriously doubt it.

      • Jesse4

        When they realize they can get better policies, cheaper, most of them will feel better.

    • Layla

      Let’s see YOU sign up for it, first. Just wait until employers with current waivers begin dumping employees when those waivers run out. That will make this seem like child’s play.

      • easton

        I would be happy to sign up for it. Oh my God, you mean risk pooling, subsidies (for those that qualify), and tax credits are something I shouldn’t want? Nor, for that matter, the ability to choose my own insurer unlike having an employer do it (remember employers now have the right to decide what part of their religion they want you to adhere to)

      • xian

        lol, the waivers right now forgive companies with more than 50 employees from paying a fine for not offering health insurance. “When those waivers run out,” the companies will have more incentive to cover their employees, not less!

  • Layla

    Democrats are the walking dead right now, they just don’t know it.

    • Jesse4

      You don’t know it either.
      You’re just believing it because you want it to be true so bad.

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