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March 31, 2015

How a Political Fix Will Undermine Obamacare

Ezra Klein: “Put simply, the Landrieu bill solves one of Obamacare’s political problems at the cost of worsening its most serious policy problem: Adverse selection. Right now, the difficulty of signing up is deterring all but the most grimly determined enrollees. The most determined enrollees are, by and large, sicker and older. So the Web site’s problems are leading to a sicker, older risk pool. Landrieu’s bill will lead to a sicker, older risk pool.”

“Solving a political problem now at the case of worsening a policy problem 10 months from now isn’t a good trade. But they can’t do that unless congressional Democrats are confident that the White House can make the law work.”

First Read: “The politics of the moment are so bad for the president, he may have no choice but to accept this Sophie’s Choice.”

  • yadayadaaa

    The right will always scream. It’s all that, this minority of voters has. Drama!!
    But if Obama’s extending the grandfather clause, creates space for concerned moderate in the middle, to exhale. Then he moves the larger game forward and takes some of the wind out of the screams sails.
    Fumble. Recover. Make short gains, going forward. So as to build for larger ones later.

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