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March 7, 2015

Will Obamacare Make Obama a Lame Duck?

Edward Luce: “If three years is ample time to learn say Mandarin, or train to be a teacher, it ought to be enough to learn how to govern better. But Mr Obama’s problems derive chiefly from his tendency to react politically to events, rather than from a lack of time. His fumbling response to the woes engulfing the Affordable Care Act show how hard it is for him to kick the habit – even if the remainder of his presidency depends on it.”

“If this sounds too gloomy, consider Mr Obama’s second term record to date. With the exception of having stared down Republicans last month over their threat of a default, he has fallen at almost every hurdle… There is little reason to be confident Mr Obama’s power will rally sharply from this nadir.”

  • neonnautilus

    Moot issue. Obama hasn’t been able to get anything done for the last 3-4 years because of the republican congress. Nothing will change.

  • EricFromTheHill

    Enough of this. Let’s overlook for now the burning question of how this piece constitutes “policy news” or “analysis.” This is just a long-tired criticism of the president from the “business” elements of the right- that Obama is shamelessly political, thinks only about polling, etc. from the corporatocratic FT.

    To that end, it’s nothing but sardonic yet articulate putdowns. The headline of the original article labels the Obama presidency as “failing”- something that a plethora of economists, academics, policy experts and everyday Americans have hard data to disprove. It is an attempt to twist the political knife, part of the long concerted effort to erode this president’s image for purely political purposes, masqueraded as speculation and “policy”.

    As for the actual arguments therein, find me a White House since Jefferson’s time that isn’t concerned with politics. Additionally, find me one instance of someone pushing this narrative criticizing the Republicans for the same thing- they have openly admitted that their raison d’etre is the public destruction of Obama and the Democratic brand. I’m not arguing that the White House hasn’t been overly concerned with political angles, or that a lot of their strategy so far in the second term has been misled and erroneous. I’m saying this is only one part of the equation, and commentators that are part of the “stop Obama at all costs” crowd deliberately distort and manipulate developments to absolve the GOP’s role and bring down the president.

    By asking the question that makes up the headline of this blurb, Wonk Wire is legitimizing it. Not only is it hard-pressed to prove itself as policy discussion (which typically depends on,you know, real information and not just speculation), it is full of unprovable assertions about the president’s motives and willfully ignorant of nearly all counter-arguments. It is an attempt to plant a self-fulfilling prophecy. This crap isn’t “policy”, and it’s not credible.

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