Latest Obamacare Stats Are Positive

Sarah Kliff gives us the latest on Obamacare:

  • “There were 1 million visitors to Monday, [and] 380,000 visitors as of noon today,” a slight increase from Monday’s 375,000 visitors.
  • “Approximately 13,000 shoppers Monday ended up in the queuing system,”  with 60% choosing to return to
  • “Still no 834 error rate,” despite the “Washington Post’s report this morning that approximately one-third of the 834s sent so far had errors.” Medicare spokeswoman, Julie Bataille, replied, “I can tell you that does not reflect an accurate picture of what is happening right now…we’ve made tremendous progress and will certainly work to fix any standing issues.”
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  • MrBeale

    Bad news for the GOP. Good news for everyone else.

    • David Hallman

      Just wait. Its bad for everybody.

      • Art Bagnall

        “Just wait”…You can see the future? Who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year? Ain’t as friggin smart as you think, are you? Tea Party cretin.

        • David Hallman

          I also can see your an Obamatard. Also If and when The tard hits the fan I don’t need you or the Gov to take care of me. Good Luck loser. You’ll need it.

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