Poll: Majority of Americans Want Major Changes to Obamacare

A new Gallup poll shows that “the percentage of Americans who prefer that Congress scale back or entirely repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare,” has changed little. Fifty-two percent favor scaling back (20%) or repealing (32%) the law, similar to the 50% from mid-October.”

Bottom Line: “Despite HHS’s announcement on Dec. 1 that the technical issues have been mostly fixed and reports of 29,000 new enrollees in the days thereafter, Americans so far are no less likely to say Congress should repeal the law or scale it back.”

“Americans’ views about congressional action on the healthcare law have remained steady, and it is unclear whether they will budge in the months to come.”

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  • DownriverDem

    Bull. Folks need it and want it. Check out Kentucky.
    History will not be kind to repubs. We don’t have the media on our side and it shows.

  • Jesse4

    So, despite the website fiasco and the GOP whine machine turned on “high,” support hasn’t changed much in a month and a half?
    Good news for supporters of the ACA.

  • Actually, in that same Gallup poll, Independents went from 14% expand to 21% expand – a significant change. Democrats went from 21% to 34% in favor of expanding it.

    That is a lot of movement in two months.


    • TravisJSays

      Those favoring ‘expand’ are expressing dissatisfaction with flawed obamacare status quo, and some wishful thinkers believe that when you are in a hole, and the program isnt working as is, just keep digging!

  • TravisJSays

    Obamacare isn’t working, the numbers don’t add up, the results are so absymal even a majority *without* health insurance are against the law, and the ’embrace the suck’ strategy is taking the Democrat party down with it. That majority will vote a Congress that does what they want in nov 2014 … unless Democrats are smart enough to beat them to it.

    The Obama admin has goosed enrollment numbers by looking at signups and not actual paid enrollments, and now extending when premiums are paid, micro-managing insurance companies, and in general inventing new dealines daily.

    This is the part of the show where Wile E Coyote is still running past the cliff but he doesnt yet notice there is no air underneath him.

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