The 'Grand Bargain' is Dead

Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas announce that the upcoming budget deal “is a signal that the age of grand bargains is over.”

“It doesn’t put the nation’s finances on a vastly different path (or even any different path). It doesn’t reform the tax code or overhaul Medicare. It doesn’t include infrastructure spending or chained-CPI. It doesn’t even replace all of sequestration.”

On the positive side, the deal incorporates small changes and “is the work of human hands rather than automatic cuts … And it would be a small but real boost to the economy.”

“What we don’t know is if the age of mini-deals has yet begun.”

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  • Wynstone

    If the “Grand Bargain” is dead, so is any real plan for long term deficit reduction.

    • Alun Palmer

      Not atall. How about defence cuts?

      • Wynstone

        And you see momentum for this where?

        • molosky

          I’m guessing somewhere in the UK.

          • Wynstone

            Or English Literature.

          • molosky

            I do think “atall” is meant to be read in a British accent.

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