Latest Obamacare Enrollment Report Card Shows Some Progress

ABC News provides the latest headlines from the White House’s Obamacare enrollment numbers covering the period October 1 through November 30:

  • Bottom line number: The White House is touting overall progress since October as 1.2 million people either selecting an individual plan in the marketplace OR being deemed eligible for Medicaid/CHIP.
  • Enrollments picking up pace, but still lagging: November more than doubled that with 259,000 sign-ups.
  • Federal exchange (in 36 states): All told, more than 166,000 people have signed up through the federal exchange.
  • State exchanges (in 14 states plus D.C.): November had 148,000 sign-ups
  • 1.9 million Americans have applied, but not locked in a plan.
  • Fixing erroneous enrollments: The figures released today show that as many as 35,000 Americans who think they successfully enrolled in a plan may actually be in limbo with their insurer due to errors on the federal website’s backend (specifically with the 834 forms).
  • Site traffic: More than 39 million unique visitors to state and federal exchanges since the October 1 launch. Between 12:01 a.m. Monday, Dec. 9, through 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, alone saw more than 800,000 visitors per HHS.
  • Medicaid expansion of 803,000 through November 30.
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  • pbrower2a

    This is success.

  • Lorehead

    The 35,000 figure is too high, but if most of them get everything cleared up by January, it shouldn’t be a serious problem. If not—

  • hawkny1

    Only 39,000,000 more Americans to go…

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