A Way to 'Fix' Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

In an apparent move to avoid political embarrassment, the Obama administration announced a one-week extension to the December 23 deadline for consumers to make their first premium payment under Obamacare.

The deadline to sign up for healthcare coverage beginning January 1 has also been pushed back a week to December 23.

The New York Times: Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, “went further on Thursday, urging insurers to provide ‘retroactive coverage for people who sign up after Jan. 1.’”

“The steps are intended to reduce problems widely expected to occur next month. Hundreds of thousands of people may gain coverage, some for the first time. But insurers say they have no record of many potential customers who believe they have enrolled, so some patients may be disappointed when they seek care at doctors’ offices, clinics and drugstores.”

“Such disappointment could create huge political problems for the White House, just as President Obama is trying to highlight benefits of the new health care law.”

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