Errors Continue to Plague Government Health Site

“Insurers and federal officials sifting through insurance applications under the health-care law have identified a raft of errors, including missing customers and inaccurate eligibility determinations that mean people may be enrolled in the wrong coverage,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Thousands of insurance applicants from — at least one in five at the height of the problems by one estimate — have received inaccurate assignments to Medicaid or to the marketplace for private plans, or have received incorrect denials, people familiar with the matter said. Eligibility determinations are an early step in the application process, before consumers choose plans.”

“In some cases described by a state official with knowledge of the matter, legal immigrants who aren’t yet eligible for Medicaid in Illinois—it takes five years of residence to join the state-run programs for low-income people—were nevertheless told they would be enrolled.”

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  • MrBeale

    Find me a high volume website with no errors, and I’ll find you Atlantis.

    • Rick

      100,000 customers does not make a high volume website. Now go and find me Atlantis.

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