Majority of Americans Favor Keystone Pipeline

A new Bloomberg poll shows a favorable view by Americans of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, with “56 percent of respondents viewing it as a chance to reduce dependence on oil imports from less reliable trading partners. That compares with the 35 percent who say they see it more as a potential source of damaging oil spills and harmful greenhouse gas emissions.”

Still, Americans are concerned about the environmental risks: “58 percent of poll respondents say they want Canada to take steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a condition for approval, with 32 percent opposing such a requirement.”

Support is divided along party lines: “Republicans are more likely to view Keystone as an opportunity to improve U.S. energy security, with 70 percent taking that view compared with 25 percent who consider it more of an environmental risk.”

“Democrats were evenly split on Keystone, with 44 percent viewing it favorably and 44 percent seeing it as an environmental hazard.”

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  • yadayadaaa

    My understanding is. We get the enviornmental damage.
    Canada gets the Texas “Free Trade Zone” no tax outlet to sell their dirty oil.
    And China gets to burn it.
    It will go on the market either way. Just not with us, as the contamination site, if it isn’t approved.

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