Obamacare Back-End Problems Improving

Enrollment records for nearly 15,000 HealthCare.gov consumers were not initially transmitted to the insurance plans they selected, report Obama administration officials.

Sarah Kliff: “While these cases pose a challenge for the Obama administration, officials say they believe the situation is improving. Since early December, fewer than 1 percent of HealthCare.gov enrollments did not make their way to health insurance plans … indicating that a suite of software fixes have helped address the problem.”

“During the first two weeks of October, the new federal analysis estimates, nearly 10 percent of enrollments were missing an 834 transmission. That number rose to 15 percent in mid-October before steadily declining through November.”

“The other two [problems with 834 transmissions] are enrollment transmissions being sent in duplicate and those that are sent with inaccurate, or missing, data.”

Nevertheless, “some [insurers] say they are initially seeing fewer discrepancies than they had initially expected.”

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