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April 20, 2014

‘Medicaid Gap’ Will Deepen Inequality

Greg Sargent examines the consequences of the looming ‘Medicaid gap” created from those predominantly Republican-controlled states not opting in to Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

By turning down federal assistance that could “otherwise go towards expanding coverage to their own constituents … untold numbers risk falling into a ‘Medicaid gap,’ making too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid, yet too little to qualify for subsidies on the exchanges.”

The result: “Racial and geographic disparities in access to coverage will worsen.”

“Failure to opt in could mean over two million white Americans fall into the gap. This comes as Republicans are resisting an extension of unemployment benefits and are pushing for far deeper cuts to food stamps than Dems are willing to accept (though they are certainly culpable here, too).”

“Beyond this, the big story is that failure to opt in could deepen disparities in health coverage across the board.”

  • Lorehead

    These are the same Republicans who, simultaneously, are talking about how replacing income taxes with regressive sales taxes makes the economy “better.” Just not for most of the people.

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