A $500 Million 'Bet' That Obamacare Works

Matthew O’Brien writes that insurance companies have recognized in the “young invincibles” a potentially lucrative new market and are preparing an “ad blitz” to reach this demographic that doesn’t “think [it] needs coverage.”

“Insurers are set to spend $500 million on local TV ads next year—more than double what they spent in 2012. WellPoint alone is going to drop $100 million on all advertising by the end of this year.”

“But this isn’t just about convincing young people to buy insurance. It’s about convincing young people to buy their insurance. Because those young people are probably going to buy it, just at the last minute.”

In short: “Insurance companies are making a half a billion dollar bet that Obamacare will work, disastrous rollout notwithstanding.”

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  • Gaslighting

    young invincible is the dumbest term in history (ok that’s an exaggeration, second dumbest)

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