Poll: Majority See Evidence of Global Warming

A new USA Today poll reveals that approximately 71% of Americans “see evidence of global warming and believe the Earth’s temperature will continue to rise if nothing is done.” But they have conflicted views about government’s role in solving the problem.

“Three of five say global warming is a very serious global problem, and two of three say it will hurt future generations either a lot or a great deal if nothing is done to reduce it.”

Although a slim majority (55%) support new EPA emissions limits on coal-fired power plants, “a rising share of Americans are reticent about government regulations and prefer it ‘stay out of the way entirely.’ On limiting emissions from power plants, for example, 21% say the government should not get involved at all, compared to 11% in 2006.”

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  • EricFromTheHill

    In what alternate reality is 55% a “slim majority”? Also, going from 11 to 21% over seven years is a “big increase” only relatively speaking. 21% is still the fringe of the electorate, likely motivated by the fact that President Obama has chosen to take executive action and reactionary conservatives have decided they oppose such government intervention merely because of their opposition to him.

    There is so much misinformation and lack of understanding of climate change that until we turn the page on the basics of it, no public opinion poll can be trusted. At some point, it will necessitate government action on a grand scale.

    It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the last time the question of government involvement was polled was in 2006. Asking a question once every 7 years without taking into account the differing contexts and circumstances that come with such a large gap in time is fallacious. To then ascribe meaning to the change in numbers without mentioning this is irresponsible.

  • bpai99

    Cue the hate and bile from conservatives whenever the subject of global warming comes up. Remember the Conservative Creed: Science is not valid unless we say it is, and we don’t unless it supports our agenda!

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