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March 31, 2015

Chart of the Day

The Week: “Across party lines there is a large divide, with Democrats mostly believing climate change is happening, and Republicans mostly disbelieving. Independents are split. But not by science. Independents’ views on man-made climate change change with the weather. On hotter days, Independents become much, much more likely to claim they believe in man-made climate change”

  • D McDowell

    Further proof, if any was needed, that in US politics ‘independent’ is a synonym for ‘moron.’

    • dectra

      Wow, McDowell……stunning comment.

      Do you find calling people childish third grade style names wins you many points in discussions? Perhaps this is how you’d talk to your boss, no?

  • lauracf

    These are the same “independent voters” venerated by pundits for their lack of “partisanship”…sigh…

  • John Thomas

    It’s not surprising that Democrats are so gullible that they will believe the government/media anthropomorphic global-warming propaganda despite the obvious evidence against it. Everyone who seriously studies global temperatures knows the propaganda is merely a scheme to have the taxpayer’s pocket picked. In Genesis 8:22, God promised: “22 While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

    • dectra

      Hey, John…..

      Do us all a favor: Turn to the cover of that book you just quoted. Ever notice it says Holy Bible King James VERSION?

      You do realize that the book you quote also says to never eat pork or shellfish, right? Or that if your brother dies, you have to marry his wife?

      You want to take an allegorical story as proof that something YOU believe is ‘real’ rather than understand the intent.

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