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April 19, 2014

Obamacare Enrollment Tops 1 Million

More than 1.1 million people enrolled in ObamaCare before a December 24 deadline for consumers seeking health care plans that begin January 1, The Hill reports.

From an administration statement: “December enrollment so far is over 7 times that of October and November. In part, this was because we met our marks on improving the site supported 83,000 concurrent users on December 23rd alone.”

Sarah Kliff: “Whether this is good news depends a bit on the context you put it in. Obviously enrollment has spike dramatically in December. Just as the administration has predicted – and hoped – there was a rush to sign-up in December, right before the deadline to get coverage starting on January 1. Lots of these people weren’t first time shoppers; many had started shopping in October and had been stymied by technical issues. Their December sign-up wasn’t a product of procrastination; it tended to have a lot more to do with the fact the website wouldn’t let them sign up earlier.”

  • katiefan

    So what! Most of these people HAD healthcare and lost it due to Obamacare…they had NO choice but to get their healthcare from there. How many of that number are new healthcare customers? Just wait till people who are happy with their employer coverage lose That and get kicked to the exchanges…will Obama take credit for that as a win to? And that is coming, the white house knows it, which is why they are pushing the mandate mast midterms.

    • Delphine

      Will this be happening before or after the majority of doctors retire or stop accepting anything but cash payments? It’s good to be able to plan ahead.

    • EricFromTheHill

      “Most of these people HAD healthcare and lost it due to Obamacare…”

      Where is the evidence or data backing this up?

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