Supreme Court Allows Religious Groups Not to Cover Birth Control

“The Obama administration faced a fresh challenge to its health-care law just as many of its key provisions took effect Wednesday, after an eleventh-hour Supreme Court ruling temporarily allowed some Catholic groups not to cover birth control in their employee health plans,” the Washington Post reports.

“The requirement that employers cover contraception and related medications and procedures has been one of the most controversial parts of the Affordable Care Act, leading to dozens of lawsuits from groups that say it violates their religious freedom. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the issue this year.”

“The decision came on the eve of what administration officials described as a landmark moment, as new health insurance policies began for about 6 million Americans who were set to receive coverage under the law.”

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  • Better pray your employer isn’t a Christian Scientist or you may get no healthcare coverage at all…

    • Sharon Tomalavage

      Let me get this straight, you Marxists are screeching all over the place when “government intrudes on a woman’s right to kill her unborn child”, yet you want taxpayers to fund abortion, contraceptives, etc. everything that God loving folks are against precisely because they ARE following God and his law. We are often told that “if you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one”-fine, but then I have the right to say, “If my company doesn’t believe in killing babies or contraceptives, then I shouldn’t offer or fund them”. This should be a two-way street. If those who want contraceptives, then Pay for them and if you can’t afford the $2, then go get it from like minded people. This is why I am adamantly against Any government funding of Planned Parenthood as these private decisions should be FUNDED the very same way—By Private funding!!!

      • drzaius

        I don’t believe in the death penalty or wars for Exxon and shell’s bottom line but my tax dollars go to pay for that. It would be nice if we could pick and choose ala carte what our taxes went to pay for but unfortunately that’s not reasonable…

        • Sharon Tomalavage

          I was waiting for this tired excuse, but the point is that war no matter how disgusting, brutal and awful, is NOT a personal choice!!! And the last time I checked, Exxon had nothing to do with Personal Behavior or Choices that You or anyone else makes in their private lives. The problem you lefties have is You want to determine for the rest of us, (Personal or not), what you will pay for. If you guys are going to say “we agree with the women, it’s their body and their choice”, then you guys should pay for it the same way–with Personal funds!! P.S. as for paying for war, this is the cost of Freedom, and because it is, you are allowed to Protest your anti war views with the intent of changing government’s views and thereby reducing and one day eliminating what we spend on war and other foolish endeavors. But this is very different than trying to have it both ways by declaring on one hand that government stay out of Private decisions, yet with the other hand, insist we (who don’t) agree, Pay for those personal decisions.

          • you consider killing children to be a legitimate personal choice. how terrible.

          • Sharon Tomalavage

            You ARE sipping that Kool-aid. Actually it is YOUR president Obam that considers killing these babies a “personal choice” and a “punishment” his girls shouldn’t have to endure. I was merely pointing out the Marxist hypocrisy coming from your ilk.

          • no, you are saying it shouldn’t be part of healthcare insurance relations because it’s a personal choice. So you are defending baby-murder as a personal choice. What a hypocrite!

          • drzaius

            Again, your argument boils down to “I don’t have a problem with paying for wars so its okay, I do have a problem with paying for a medical treatment because I get skeevy about sex”. Basically you can’t put yourself in other peoples shoes. A behavior I have found typical of conservatives in general.

          • Sharon Tomalavage

            You don’t seem to comprehend what I am saying. I shall try one more time. A personal choice does Not belong in any government mandate!! As to war, as horrible as it is, we as a people Vote to elect candidates that agree with us (hopefully) and the majority prevails. Public opinion of other wars has now turned as more folks do NOT want military intervention unless it threatens us directly. Your side is prevailing and well it should. The same should be for private decisions. And most folks do NOT want to pay for abortions, contraceptives, hair transplants, or any other “personal” decision one makes that may go against their religious values (as in abortion, contraceptives, etc.) that is why individual choices should be paid for with private funding from like-minded folks. Got it now? Are we next going to be forced to pay for invitro-fertilization? I am sympathetic to those women who can’t get pregnant, but it is Not my duty or responsibility to fund this choice.

        • Sharon Tomalavage

          P.s. I am sure there are plenty women who want larger breasts, but should we pay for that personal choice? Balding men may want expensive hair treatments, should the taxpayer pay for that? Contraceptives, abortion ARE PERSONAL choices and government should NOT be in any way shape or form assisting in those choices, Period!!!

      • no, you did not get it straight. you went off the rails at “you marxists” and you have no idea how insurance works or why.

        • Sharon Tomalavage

          Oh but I do as I know how it works presently and under the Marxist regime of Obamacare, and how it SHOULD work under a fair and just environment. When errant parents do NOT pay child support for their own children-what do we do? We go AFTER them!!! We don’t pick and choose the wealthiest (who have nothing to do with their irresponsibility) and MANDATE that they pay. This is exactly what is happening under Obamacare. Folks who are responsibly paying for insurance they liked, and the young and healthy who have NOT cost one penny thus far in skyrocketing rates, are being FORCED to pay for you and types like you who expect to be subsidized whenever you blow your nose. Comprehend Xian???

          • the derp is strong in this one

          • Sharon Tomalavage

            As long as you keep drinking that Marxist kool-aid, your brain will cease to function.

          • you keep using that word Marxist incorrectly. do some homework.

          • Sharon Tomalavage

            No sir I used it appropriately. Now you may not want to acknowledge what you are, but the facts speak for themselves. You and your fellow Marxist cronies delight in ordering certain groups of folks to pay for others just because they have the money. Never mind that they have NOT used medical services and therefore owe nothing, this is just a mere inconvenience for you. Whenever I read comments from folks like you, I am reminded of the infamous “bank robber” response to “why do you rob banks”? I rob them cause that’s where the money is”. When a person purchases health insurance is every bit as personal as if and when they purchase Life Insurance and so far, this has not been mandated (but given Obama’s propensity for Control) in our personal lives, except for his adoration for those women whose “personal choice” is to kill their unborn babies (mainly out of convenience), well he is all on board with THAT being a personal choice that shouldn’t be interfered with!! What a hypocrite!! BTW, I happen to be Pro-Life, so once again you got it wrong. I just don’t happen to be a hypocrite as personal choice is given (or should be) to all of us and certainly was by God. He didn’t pick and choose who gets “choice”. Whether we make the right or wrong choice, it is ours to make. It darn well certainly should be with insurance choices w/o,the heavy handed Big Brother Government intruding!!! Got it now??

          • No, you are using it incorrectly and projecting all sorts of things onto me and “my cronies?” that are false and do not make sense.

            Check your meds.

          • Sharon Tomalavage

            Only if you check the kool-aid you’re drinking.

      • by the way, please point to God’s law against contraception. You seem pretty sure about what God loving people believe but you appear to be filled with hate, not love.

        • Sharon Tomalavage

          In the Catholic faith, contraception is considered a sin. However, if you want to go the route of God’s laws, perhaps we should start with slavery. Show me where God spoke against it (I am playing Devil’s Advocate) so before you start ranting about me believing in slavery, don’t. I am trying to get you to comprehend that many things in the bible and that God spoke about ( like man shall not lay with Man), or a thousand other statements that Man twists and turns for their own purposes. I believe in the Ten Commandments as God did Not put periods, commas, or any other exceptions to these. You might want to read them sometime-He is quite thorough!!!

          • I’m a Catholic. Are you a Catholic? None of that explains a law against contraception. The Catholic Church used to sanction abortion until “quickening,” which I doubt you know. Did God change that law?

            Your slavery argument is idiotic and only undermines your citation of self-defined God’s law as a justification for secular hatred here on earth.

            Your sentence abput you are trying to get me to comprehend is all relative phrases and has no main verb. You are ranting and making little sense outside of your own fevered mind.

            Which commandment bans contraception?

          • Sharon Tomalavage

            So many areas where you show your lunacy. Where to begin?? I’ll take the commandment first about banning contraception-where is the commandment that says government will mandate every individual?? sounds to me like that is very Marxist, certainly not from God. As to the contraception commandment, my point was showing you and others that haven’t read the bible, much less comprehend it (again you), that it is filled with contradictions from seeming to approve of slavery, to the mortal sin of being homosexual. Both are in there, please look!!! When government tries to FORCE those of moral value and religious fortitude to Pay for something that is reprehensible in God’s eyes as well (as he valued ALL human Life and believed in the sanctity of that Life), that is Marxism and you sir are a follower. I am a catholic and I am not your kind of catholic–Cafeteria Style, who picks and chooses what he wants to believe, and ignores the rest. There are 10 Commandments and nowhere after “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is there a comma semi-colon or anything else that excuses killing a baby in the womb. There are many kinds of contraceptives, some destroy beginning Life and that is why catholics are against it-as God would be!! There is nothing in the bible about Preventing a pregnancy!! The operative words are Preventive and destroying (as in what is already there). Can you possibly understand that??? One Final thought–you Marxists are great about ignoring God, yet using him for your own propaganda, but God spoke to the Individual, Never to Government as it is the opposite of what he stood for!!! No one can be mandated to do anything, nor should they be!! God realized this as this is why he gave us Choice and a conscience to make those good choices. Which brings me back to how this all started!! Government shouldn’t pick and choose which individual, personal rights they want to support, and those they want to mandate!!

          • I recommend a class in elementary logic.

            And calling anyone who disagrees with you a “Marxist” is puerile and idiotic.

            Changing the subject is not a winning argument (“You ask where is x?” Well, where is y? How about that!?”)

            I will leave you to your own (well projected lunacy) with a friendly reminder that you seem to have strayed from His greatest commandment: You will love your neighbor as yourself. Your hatred is corroding your soul and I will pray for you.

            You are welcome to get the last word in, I am aware that you are neither listening nor comprehending.


          • Sharon Tomalavage

            What is always a mystery to me is why you don’t want to “own” what you are. A Marxist is a viable term and many on the Left take pride in it. At least they are Not cowardly as you are sir. But alas, when one is losing the argument, one resorts to “lunacy, racism, loon, or any other nasty comments to cover for not having facts on their side. I pity you, I really do and will say a prayer on your behalf.

  • MVH1

    This should win the prize for misleading headlines.

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