Obamacare is Here to Stay

Eugene Robinson: “Opponents of the law can hardly advocate going back to a system in which those who really need insurance can’t get it. What they can do, and surely will, is make lots of noise by pretending that any problem with anyone’s health insurance is due to the Affordable Care Act. Before Obamacare, millions of Americans had their policies canceled by the insurance companies every year. Millions more had their premiums raised, their coverage reduced or both. Now when these things happen, critics will try to blame the new law.”

“Increasingly, though, the GOP will sound foolish and irrelevant if it continues to put all of its eggs in the “repeal and replace” basket. The problem is that the Affordable Care Act is a set of free-market reforms based on ideas developed in conservative think tanks. Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare would have to replace it with something suspiciously similar.”

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  • southerndemnut

    Some people think that healthcare problems just developed overnight. If healthcare wasn’t a problem then there would be no need for reform. Good legislation seeks to minimize negative effects on people while trying to maximize the benefits. Even in very bad systems, there are always some people that can come out ahead, the wealthy that can afford whatever treatments they want, government employees (historically) who lived in a bubble of a tightly regulated system, white collar workers who occupations were lucrative enough to provide generous benefits, and seniors, while Medicare isn’t ideal, live in the same government bubble in a tightly managed system. On top of that you have the military establishment that benefits from the VA, TriCare, and other programs that are equally as regulated. So you have a large percentage of people doing quite well in current system because it is essentially “gamed” for them, while another large percentage of people get by with relatively weak benefits or not at all. The loudest complainers are those that are already satisfied with the current situation, it works for them. I suppose I cannot blame them, but in a great country like the US, you would think people would be more willing sacrifice for the common good. It’s the small percentage who would benefit from reform yet oppose it (mostly in red states) that is baffling.

    I was in Haiti during the 1980s when Baby Doc Duvalier was still in power. It was astonishing even in the depths of poverty that country faced, there was still a segment of the population, maybe 5-10% that did exceptionally well. I returned in 2011 after the earthquake and while the country was technically more “free,” vast inequality still existed. The objective is to make ALL benefit, that is not a communist or socialistic principle just a basic value that I have. I didn’t serve my country for 25 years for the benefit of a few, but for the betterment of all.

  • shaysite

    It’s the potential genius of the ACA that it is based on a conservative idea. So if it works, the GOP will have no possible alternative.

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