Obamacare Can Never Fail

Sam Baker argues that Obamacare will never fail because “the standard of success … keeps getting weaker.”

“Whether in enrollment numbers, federal savings, or the workings of its website, the White House has repeatedly lowered the bar for the law when it has missed expectations, replacing initial standards with ones that are lower, squishier, or nonexistent.”

“At this point, when asked to define success for 2014, White House officials often answer by noting that the worst-case scenario for the health care law is unlikely to happen. But that ‘non-failure’ standard falls far short of the high expectations Democrats once had for the law, and of the promises they made to sell it.”

“Most recently, the White House has been looking to distance itself from the expectation that it would enroll about 7 million people in the first year of Obamacare coverage.”

“Regardless of the White House’s definition, policy experts—even conservatives—agree that Obamacare will survive 2014 even if it doesn’t hit 7 million people.”

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  • ralph_indianapolis

    I was able to keep my college age daughter on my policy rather then her being forced to take a crappy college policy. This was thanks to Obamacare. She got sick. Had two operations and many doctors visits. And there will be more bills to come. I have saved at least $15K. WIth more savings to come because she”s on my policy. So Sam Baker and all other right wingers…sit on it and rotate!

    • WhateverDunce

      Results will vary. Of course there will be ‘winners’ like yourself. But there will be more losers. Cancellations, rate increases and lack of care for many. Obamacare doesn’t make insurance more affordable for most people and it won’t even insure everyone. It may also require a taxpayer funded bailout. It’s a stretch to call it a ‘success.’

  • shaysite

    If people behaved like Sam Baker and the congressional GOP during a war, they’d be arrested. They don’t care whether there is a benefit to the country, they just want to destroy something as dictated by ideological hatred.

    • WhateverDunce

      You know, I don’t like either political party, but that is a gross misrepresentation of the wartime Republican position.

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