Obamacare is Up and Running: Time to Create a Scandal

Jonathan Chait writes that now that Obamacare is operational, “it has been … extremely boring.” What’s next?

Chait predicts that “Obamacare will neither collapse, nor will Republicans accept its legitimacy, but the nature of their opposition will instead slowly morph. Gleeful predictions of imminent collapse will give way to bitter recriminations at the nefarious tactics used to make the law work. Obamacare will cease to be the something certain to destroy Obama and become something Obama has gotten away with.”

“In the very long run, Obamacare may become a thing, like Social Security and Medicare, that Republicans initially predict will destroy the fabric of capitalism but eventually accept and then finally swear up and down they will not harm. In the shorter term, it will remain a bloody shirt. Obamacare will be Benghazi or the IRS scandal writ large.”

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  • Dave

    With the new year, I thought perhaps Taegan would make a resolution to capitalize all verbs in headlines, per standard journalism style, AP style, NYT style, etc. I thought wrong.

    • shaysite

      Could you possibly think of anything more trivial to say?

      • Dave

        For journalists it matters. A lot of journalists read WonkWire.

  • WhateverDunce

    Social Security and Medicare had broad bi-partisan support. The ACA does not. Republicans said the law wasn’t going to work and they are probably right. Whatever happens, we’re going to end up with a bailout of Insurance companies or a death-spiral. I would hardly call either outcome a ‘success.’ It’s funny how Obama’s poodles in the media are already in ‘Mission Accomplished’ mode.

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