Obamacare Isn’t Going to Collapse

Salon: “After 2013 came to an end, and Obamacare enrollees became Obamacare beneficiaries, Republicans began pegging all of their hopes on the possibility that Obamacare’s botched rollout would ultimately prove unrecoverable. Repeal had just become synonymous with rescinding insurance benefits, so that option was at last really, truly out. Replace isn’t happening in today’s policy-phobic GOP. So the right’s last best hope is that the law will collapse on its own, or perhaps with the help of an ongoing campaign to discourage enrollment. Obamacare is designed to absorb certain shocks, but maybe the October and November blows will prove in hindsight to have been too devastating for the system to withstand.”

“New data from the Department of Health and Human Services, industry testimonials, and other recent developments suggest that wish, too, is dead, and that all of the right’s efforts to undermine the law are now wholly gratuitous. The Affordable Care Act isn’t going to collapse no matter what conservatives do.”

However, National Journal points out that the White House has scaled back its goal of how many young people sign up for Obamacare. Initially, it was 38%, now they say about 30%.

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  • Berkshire_Boy

    Yeah, and if you read the comments thread on the Salon piece, you can have a good laugh at all the Obamacare h8ers melting down in denial. It’s like they are still waiting for those late returns from OH.

    • Dave

      The polls are skewed!

  • Gregory Williams

    Conservatives should recognize that in the debates coming up this year democrats can point out that voting for an anti-PPACA candidate is the same as voting to deny healthcare to Americans – some brave and really smart democrats can blast them by announcing in a public debate that they do not support the DEATH TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ideology being pushed by their opponent in the race.

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