Could Obamacare Be the Answer to Soaring Medicare Costs?

Obamacare supporters argue that the Affordable Care Act, with “its promise of a healthier population,” is the solution to keeping Medicare solvent, writes Sophie Novack.

“By expanding insurance to millions, the law hopes to reduce the rate of preventable conditions that, as patients age and enter Medicare, become very costly.”

“Insuring more of these individuals under the ACA could result in catching and controlling more of these diseases before individuals enter Medicare. If the act does succeed in dramatically lowering Medicare costs, it would ease the pain of a large fiscal problem.”

Critics contend that simply having insurance is not enough: “The challenge is that increased insurance does not necessarily mean increased care, and increased care does not equate to improved health.”

“However, if the law manages over time to make coverage–and care–more ubiquitous, we could begin to see payoffs down the line, in improved health and decreased spending.”


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