Is the Obamacare ‘Death Panel’ Dead?

Kate Nocera: “Not long ago, there was a surge of momentum on Capitol Hill to kill the Independent Payment Advisory Board — dubbed the ‘death panel’ by GOP critics of the law.”

The debate may be moot as the IPAB is a virtual non-entity: “None of the board’s 15 members has been put in place — no one has even been nominated. The omnibus budget signed into law last week slashed $10 million from its budget. And now, because of reported slowing health care spending levels, there are questions about when it will even be even necessary.”

“An administration official told BuzzFeed there were no updates on nominations of appointees, but stressed that health care costs were growing at a slow enough rate that IPAB action wouldn’t be necessary for a long time.”

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  • Jesse4

    Oh well, we’ve still got the FEMA death camps.

    • Melissa

      You made my day 🙂

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