Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion is Here to Stay

Jonathan Bernstein contends that “early evidence supports the liberal optimist (and conservative pessimist) view: that where it’s in place, Medicaid expansion is here to stay.”

“The optimistic liberal view is that the Medicaid deal for the states … is so generous that eventually every state will sign up.”

Bernstein conducted an informal study of what position Republican gubernatorial candidates are taking in states where Democratic governors have implemented Medicaid expansion.

“And the answer? … None of these Republicans is pledging to repeal the Medicaid expansion put in place by a Democratic governor.”

“The other big state decision on the ACA concerns running state-based exchanges, rather than letting the federal government do it. Not surprisingly, none of the Republican gubernatorial candidates I surveyed is campaigning to shut down a state exchange, which would force residents to use Healthcare.gov.”

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