Lawmakers Agree to Farm Bill

New York Times: “House and Senate negotiators agreed on Monday on a new five-year farm bill that will eliminate or consolidate dozens of agriculture subsidy programs, expand government-subsidized crop insurance and cut about $9 billion from the food stamp program over the next decade.”

“At least for now, it brings an end to the partisan fighting that stalled two previous attempts to pass the legislation. The bill would reduce spending by about $23 billion over the next 10 years.”

“Many Senate Democrats are likely to be unhappy with the food stamps measure, which cuts roughly twice as much as senators approved in May.

“The farm bill would avoid some of the drastic measures that were part of the House bill, like work requirements and drug testing for food stamp recipients.”

House members have less than 48 hours to sift through the 959-page bill before voting.

National Journal: “That quickened pace breaks—at least in spirit—a House Republican transparency pledge from 2011, promising constituents that they would not vote on any legislation for at least three days after it has been released for public consumption.”

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