• Conservatives have created a regional coldening to help combat global warming. Champions of the planet. Take that, ya hippy liberals!

    Excellent video, btw.

  • Rick Goddard

    Both sides of the argument have tried to use short-term climate conditions to prove their cause. Why? Because a shift of a couple degrees over 50 years just isn’t sexy enough to pitch for your position. This must be evaluated over long-term changes, not one year to the next.

    • jimworthen

      So, your point about the video is…?

    • Fitzejunk

      Sorry…I’m honestly not trying to be glib here, but how have the climate change…supporters, for lack of a better term, those who understand that climate change is happening, used short term conditions as an argument? I’ve always, throughout my life, heard “big picture” arguments from them, countered by “But yesterday was cold!” from deniers.

      • jimworthen

        To your point, and as the female professor from Yale concluded: “Is this proof of global warming? No, but… It is consistent with what we expect… ” from global warming.

    • progressivecurrent

      Fascinating claim. Can you give us a link to an article in a peer reviewed journal where a climate scientist uses a short-term climate condition as proof of climate change?

    • OhWelll

      How do you define long-term? Whatever, why am I feeding this troll?

    • EmilePost

      By ‘both sides’, do you mean ‘scientists vs druids’ or ‘specialists looking at the data vs people paid to express views that are highly convenient for avaricious plutocrats’?

  • moderatesunite

    very good compilation that explains the big picture of what is currently happening with the weather here and around the globe

  • FramingArmageddon

    Taking climate info from 1930’s and ‘adjusting’ the numbers to make their ridiculous formulas work. It was much warmer in the 1st century BC than it is now. It was much, much(up to 3 degrees centigrade) warmer during to 10th to 12th centuries. They were growing wine in northern England and the French economy nearly collapsed due to it.(lots of greenhouse gases at the time, no?) Or the long term fact that an Ice Age just ended 10,000 years ago. Or the fact that a mini Ice Age occurred from the 14th to the 18th century. Is the Earth not allowed to heat up after an ice age? Why is it that if we think the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, that we only consider the last 100 years as the only relevant sources of information? Why aren’t these ‘scientists’ using climate info from the last 2000 years? Because it would reveal that this is all just the circadian rhythm of the Earth and Sun. Follow the money, if Global Warming Theory dies, these momos lose millions of dollars and their lavish lifestyles. It amounts to nothing but the pathetic display of human arrogance, saying that only humans can ever be the cause anything that happens.

    • VaughanThomas

      “They were growing wine in northern England and the French economy nearly collapsed due to it” That was in Europe. But the rest of the world had a different temperature. This is the whole point of the video showing the variation. Euro-centric anecdotes are meaningless to climate science.

  • Mike Hunt

    Snow in Egypt?! Ice Rink Atlanta?! Droughts in various places, you say?!

    On a HISTORICAL basis – I actually have no idea what’s going on…BUT… I really want to believe (and I hope) it aligns with what I’ve said already. Can’t afford to be wrong, or not know, AND believe my own hype. And not knowing is scary. Because, I’m a child. – Those with strong opinions.

    Have 2 kids? You just increased your carbon footprint 40x! But, yeah… recycle that Smart Water bottle/or not, drive your go-cart/monster truck, and keep arguing
    with each other so you’re more easily controlled.



    Depends on time frame of reference:


    In the long run we will all freeze.

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