Is this the percentage enrollment of eligibles in the marketplace for contracted health insurance, medicaid, or both? If the latter, what is the breakdown of marketplace insurance versus medicaid?

    Much of the increase in participation in medicaid is from those who were eligible for medicaid before the passage of ACA but had chosen not to participate. A breakout of this would be of use.

    • “had chosen not to participate” or were unaware of their eligibility…

      • ASRKC


        • and which makes more sense? had chosen not to participate but changed their mind because of the awesome healthcare.gov rollout, or were not aware of their eligibility and are now aware of it (the “woodwork” effect), due to the same healthcare.gov rollout?

          • ASRKC

            And/or (as has been known to happen) someone loses their insurance because of limits in the old policy, they apply and they (or a family member) gets thrown into Medicaid.

          • anecdotes are fun!

          • ASRKC

            The screw-ups in government programs (when not tragic) can be fun.

  • ProfitOverLife

    I’ve been noticing this pattern for weeks using the numbers at:


    The “red” states are MUCH further behind in reaching the first-year Obamacare private enrollment goals set out by the HHS. Some blue states, CT, RI, NY I think, have already reached their 2014 goal.

    • ProfitOverLife

      A lot of it has to do with active resistance to implement the law in red states–finding ways to make the law unsuccessful.

      Shows you what today’s Republican party is about: not solutions, not better health care, but obstruction.

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