The Facts About the Obamacare CBO Report: Does Anyone Care?

Steve Benen contends that the recent Congressional Budget Office report was one that “a few too many Republicans and reporters didn’t understand.”

“Much of the political world apparently forgot that labor supply and labor demand aren’t the same thing, which made it easier for critics of the Affordable Care Act to push a claim that was 100% wrong: ‘Obamacare to cut over 2 million jobs.’”

“But …we actually saw a more alarming twist: media professionals suggesting reality doesn’t matter all that much.”

“We can no longer focus on what is true; we must also consider what Republicans and reporters perceive as possibly true – which in turn is what the public will believe, whether it’s accurate or not.”

“It’s just not healthy to see this in the political system of a global superpower.”
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  • blabla

    You guys are frickin idiots in a Republican (aka GOP body)! Do us all a favor and move to Syria or Iran!

  • blabla

    Ted Cruz wants to suck your clock! As a bunch of weenies, you will enjoy that!

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