Most Think Republicans Have No Obamacare Alternative

Despite polls showing that a majority of Americans still disapprove of Obamacare, a new study shows that most people do not believe the Republicans have a cohesive alternative.

The Hill: “Nearly two-thirds of likely and independent voters said they do not think congressional Republicans have a clear plan to handle healthcare reform, according to a poll by The Morning Consult, a healthcare news site.”

“This sentiment was even stronger among individuals who are undecided about who to support in 2014. Nearly three in four of those people said House and Senate Republicans do not have a clear plan for healthcare.”

“While the media firestorm over the rollout has largely quieted, 57 percent of likely voters said cancelled health plans remain a top issue for them as they cast their vote.”

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  • See, Americans aren’t stupid.

  • lilnemo

    Why are 57 percent reporting that cancelled health plans are their top issue when this issue actually affects less than 5 percent of the population? Some of the media spin is definitely getting through and hitting a target.

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