Number of Americans Who Renounced U.S. Citizenship Soars


International Tax Blog: “Today the Treasury Department published the names of individuals who renounced their U.S. citizenship or terminated their long-term U.S. residency (“expatriated”) during the fourth quarter of 2013. The number of published expatriates for the quarter was 630, bringing the total number of published expatriates in 2013 to 2,999.  The total for the year shatters the previous record high of 1,781 set in 2011 and is a 221% increase over the 2012 total of 932.”

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  • lib4

    Gonna go out on a limb and bet its that “Scary Kenyan Socialist Liberal” Obama that has these morons running scared. For one thing their tax rates are a historical lows and secondly even if they flee the US government will find them due to new offshore tax laws.
    These traitorous leeches can stay the hell out for good.
    Enjoy your “freedom”

    • dw

      1. The US is the only country in the world that makes all its citizens file a tax return — even if they do not live in, or have any income originating from, the US. Even if there ends up being no tax owed (because of mutual tax treaties), this is still a huge bureaucratic headache, because the overseas citizens also have to file full tax returns in their country of residence.

      2. The new tax laws are so onerous that many foreign banks refuse to deal with US citizens any more. How can you live in a country if you can’t open a bank account?

      • SanoSK

        Eritrea also requires a 2% tax world wide. We’re in good company.

      • Micheal Planck

        Speaking as an American in Australia, filing 2 sets of taxes at different times of the year is a real pain in the butt.

        I intend to keep my citizenship, but it would be nice if the USA let me stop paying taxes when I don’t live there or get any of the benefits for living there.

        • SGinNC

          You should be exempted for most taxes that are taken for current services rendered, but you shouldn’t have to stop paying for future entitlements like Social Security or Medicare. And in that same note, we shouldn’t allow people to come to this country and receive benefits that they did not pay for.

          • JDanaH

            I agree with the last sentence, but not with the first. Expats should be able to opt out of Social Security and Medicare (no taxes, but no benefits). Come to think of it, we *all* should be able to opt out of Social Security and Medicare.

          • SGinNC

            I will agree with you on the condition that they will not be later claiming said benefits. Many though will work overseas, return at some point and then eventually retire. If they are going to be drawing the benefits then they should be paying into them.

        • Stateless Man

          I hope your tracking your phantom capital gains that you’ve had, because as U.S. citizen you’re required to live your world in USD not AUD.

    • laughnow

      Sounds like you work for the criminal President..What a post.
      Non leach that likely pays twice the taxes you do, that would love to stay the hell out but theres no place to go that accepts Americans.

    • Prospector

      Factually, the record low income tax rate is “0%” during the period 1776 to 1861, when the first income tax was established to pay for war costs during 1862 to 1871 (2% to 10% of income) and again from 1872 to 1912 when progressive rates started with 1% to 7% (>$500,000) of net income. So, lib4, unless your U.S. history begins in 1916, current rates are not historical lows.

      It’s pretty simple. Entrepreneurs are driven out of the U.S. due to hyper-regulation and skilled workers are driven out due to over-taxation (combined federal, state, & municipal).

      • anthropic

        My understanding is that there was no income tax from 1872 to 1912, as it was found to be unconstitutional. It was only with the passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913 that it was introduced, with the 1 to 7 percent rates you mentioned.

  • DownriverDem

    Let them. They make me puke.

  • kevinb1986

    Shades of “Atlas Shrugged”, methinks.

  • I’m hoping they’re all “real” Americans. I’m kind of rooting for fake America to win out.

    • redmike

      It’s the strongest political statement that someone can make about the US. If the country was truly a champion of freedom, there would be no burden to renouncing your citizenship, but you’d have to go through the normal immigration process to get it back. (or just hop the fence from Mexico).

      Funny how free countries tend to build walls (virtual, physical, bureaucratic) to keep people out and socialist/marxist/communist types of countries build walls to keep people in.

  • Creed Pogue

    There isn’t any reason to allow these “expatriates” entry visas or the right to own property (including stocks, etc.) in the USA. If they want to be out of the country then they should be out of hte country.

    • Micheal Planck

      Obviously if they surrender their citizenship, they surrender the rights that go with that (such as property laws). But not even letting them visit? WTF is wrong with you?
      You are aware that many, many parts of the world are civilized, speak English, and are not at war with America, yes? I chose to raise my American-born child in Australia, where her mother is from; when she turns 18 she might very well surrender her citizenship in a country she has never lived in; and you would treat her as an enemy and deny her even the right to visit her cousins.
      You know that stereotype about the Ugly American? Look in a mirror.

      • Creed Pogue

        Unless you’re a hedge fund manager, why would she renounce her citizenship??? That makes no sense. There obviously is a major difference between choosing to live abroad and renouncing your American citizenship.

        • laughnow

          Unfortunately for Americans, the rest of the world despises us, which can be seen by their immigration policies alone. Try to emigrate to Australia or NZ, you’ll see they only allow you if you have a skill their people dont(right..), or some critical skill, like Doctors, or have a huge pile of cash, willing to start a business that will employ the locals.. Same for the EU, or Canada(to a lesser extent). Contrast that with our immigration policy, which for all intents and purposes, doesnt exist, given you can easily get a work visa, own property, etc here if youre not a citizen.
          For Americans that arent multimillionaires, theres almost zero chance to emigrate, else id have left this craphole long ago.
          Dont respond with ‘go ahead and leave’ blah blah BS..if I could have left, this post would never have been be gone.

        • Micheal Planck

          You don’t understand how difficult it is to file your taxes from a foreign country, where you can’t just go to the post office when you need a form.

          In addition, filing from overseas has lots more requirements, like listing every bank account and its maximum balance for the year, adjusting my income by the currency exchange rate on a monthly basis, calculating my income for the American tax year when the Australian tax year is different, and finally having to pay taxes in both countries even though the tax rate is Australia would make Grover Norquist’s head explode. Despite being an ordinary software engineer I had to pay $500 to the USA last year. Fortunately the Aussies let me take it out of what I owed them.

      • Molto Lava

        You cans still own property and not be a citizen.

      • Annie24

        Non-US citizens are allowed to own property in the US, unlike in many other countries that forbid it, or at least make it extremely difficult, as in Mexico, for example. As for paying taxes (in one of your other comments), I assume you are not going to deny the right to your social security benefits once you become eligible?

    • lou1785

      Maybe with the current Gov’t we have in place now they fear property rights, wealth, and countless other freedoms will be lost and/or confiscated.
      Can’t say I blame them . This administration’s egregious and excessive regulatory burdens. Their economic ignorance and reckless fiscal policy. A weak, naive’, and dangerous foreign policy. The ever expanding intrusion into our private lives. Finally, their overall malevolent behavior towards the nation, it’s people, and all it’s founding documents.
      Yeah, can’t say I blame them, but it’s their choice.

    • gcandersen

      Including the “accidentals”? As to the others, there are stock exchanges all over the world (many with less onerous govt. imposed rules) and, if you have the money, plenty of wonderful places to live. The U.S. is not the only economic game in town.

  • Molto Lava

    Only a liberal would do that So more power to them.

    All liberals should move to wonderfuuuuuuuuulllll europe to enjoy the very good life . Don’t just think about it , do it.!

    • Mike Malloy

      Another wing nut who has never been out of the US. They all think “europe” is the ultimate not-US place. I’m gonna frow up.

      • teapartydoc

        Ever been to one of the ghettos where the Europeans keep their Asian labor? Didn’t think so. When you get past the tourist destinations, it isn’t very pretty. Libs are soooo ignorant.

  • flyovermark

    Funny how people tend to vote with their feet to escape progressive government, isn’t it?

    • Mike Malloy

      Um . . . right. Just like the citizens of Germany did in the 1930s.

      • teapartydoc

        Read the history of Progressive America’s initially positive responses to European Fascism. Much like Thomas Friedman’s near worship of the communist regime in China. Yes. People were leaving Germany while American Liberals were Oohing and Aahing over Mussolini and Hitler.

      • JDanaH

        A large number of German citizens did indeed vote with their feet and flee the country — at least until the country locked down the borders. So what was your point?

  • mistermcfrugal

    I’d like to leave but am sorta stuck. I don’t like this country any more. I did serve as a Army field artillery officer from 1972 to 1980, but this country has changed so much since then that I can hardly compare the two times. Communist Democrats have almost full control here. We have a president who loves to hear that 2 million more people will likely quit their jobs and take the dole. Yuk! I’m sick of this place!

    • Yeah, boo! Gays aren’t quite the social pariahs they used to be, amiright? What’s up with that!? Yuk! And accepting *gag* multiculturalism? This ain’t your father’s “White Power” paradise. 🙁 Oh America. How I yearn for that “shining city upon a hill” glory of our former days. Shining from all the whiteness (and homophobia.)

      • teapartydoc

        Enjoy your ride down the toilet-hole.

        • Dunno what you mean. We’re going to win more and more elections. You have a shrinking, old, white racist party. The toilet hole ride is not mine.

          • Stan_LS

            Who’s “we”? Obama got a lot of support from blacks and the young. How are these two groups fairing vs. 2008? How’s the unemployment doing? Will they be responsible for less debt? What about obamacare? How does that work out for the young? What did they win again?

          • Phil Ossiferz Stone

            So you basically look forward to the day of one-party rule in America: Yours. Indeed, you see it as inevitable, as well as welcome.

            You are a fascist. A hateful, statist, minivan-driving fascist. Why can’t you just be honest and say it?

          • In so long as we are mired in a two party system between democrats and insane people, absolutely, I want one party rule. This is not fascism though. That would be one ruler rule. And neither are what I ultimately prefer. But if the brain-deads in the conservative party are occupying the only other viable party, yes, I’ll take one party rule.

            I don’t know what you have against minivans, nor see how it’s relevant. But it does reveal a little about your psyche. But since you’re pressing for honesty, are you going to hypocritically acknowledge your own hateful slant? I mean, you already implicitly have in your crazy tirade. I just meant, explicitly.

          • Orson OLSON

            Since you love unconstitutional autocratic rule, then you’ll love it when the Executive Order killing Obama”Care”comes.

          • Since you love showering with children, you’ll love it when chocolate rainbows milk all the rabbit hole’s four leaf clovers.

            In other words, dumb nonsensical gibberish is dumb and nonsensical.

          • Phil Ossiferz Stone

            >yes, I’ll take one party rule

            Thank you for your honesty.

            My refusal to countenance your mono-political power grab is not hateful. I simply refuse to let you do to me what I am not doing to you.

            Dismissing a vast chunk of the electorate who disagree profoundly on various socio-political issues as ‘insane’ and ‘brain dead’ is the sort of hysterical rhetoric that will lead us straight into a second Civil War.

            Stop it.

          • Your long and indignant rant was laced with way too many assumptions and hyperbole for me to care to address. So I’ll just leave it with this: I will continue my peaceful political participation so that the demonstrably idiotic policies of the right don’t take hold, which is pretty much the entirety of their platform. I hope you feel better after your purge. But if you thought your over-the-top distortions of reality would persuade me, I’ll save you the trouble – I don’t submit to crazy.

          • Phil Ossiferz Stone

            Well, I tried.

            You are *already* crazy.

            Ten years. We’ll see.

          • You did try. Remove the abundance of bad conclusions/assumptions and I would have responded in kind. If that was a sincere attempt, which I assume it was due to the length and effort you put into it, don’t build such a straw man, and you’d get more of an effort out of me. But I have no need to defend such imagined creatures.

      • Stan_LS

        That’s funny, mistermcfrugal points socialism as the reason (” We have a president who loves to hear that 2 million more people will likely quit their jobs and take the dole.”) for not liking our country any more and you re quick to pull a gay/race card. Because that’s all you really have.

        • dtrumpet

          one uses the gay/race/sex card when one lack the intellectual skill to do otherwise.

          • Communist Democrats have almost full control here.

            He’s at about a 7th grade comprehension level here. If I go much higher than that, I’ve already lost him.

          • Stan_LS

            Yea, you should throw in some more irrelevant topics in here. You’ve already accused him of racism and homophobia based on absolutely nothing that he said. That’s some serious lib kung fu there. What grade level is that?

          • You mean seeing through his poor description of reality to assess what’s really bothering him? Probably 18. “Dissertation for a master’s in psych” level.

          • Stan_LS

            One only needs a freshman level psych class to figure out that you are projecting. There’s nothing in his post that deals with race/homosexuality.

            Feel free to cut and paste from his post as to what led you to believe that he’s a racist and/or homophobe.

          • Bill Gryan

            And Golbez threw in a disparaging reference to “whites”, even though he’s not racist. Anti-white racism is ok, in Obama’s America. Just ask Eric Holder.

          • Disparaging reference to whites? You misunderstand. I threw in a disparaging reference to the racist party, who happen to be old, white, and shrinking. These latter terms ought not be offensive, but nevertheless properly describe the republican party. Racism in any form is in bad taste.

            Plus, I can’t be racist. Many of my one best friend is white.

            So am I.

            Plus you’re dumb. So there’s that.

          • Bill Gryan

            I would hate myself too if I was a leftist leech, surrounded by people who could support themselves. Good luck in your quest for manhood.

          • Thanks! 😉 Good luck in your governorship of the deluded.

          • Orson OLSON

            Democrats were the party of slavery, racism, domestic KKK terrorism for 70 years, and now institutionalized racism, buddy. KNOW YOUR HISTORY or leave the room.

          • I like your toothless ultimatum. That is all fine, good and true. Except it’s no longer the case. I bare as much responsibility for previous democratic slavery as I do for German Nazism. And it doesn’t excuse your party’s current racist underpinnings. So I don’t know why you bother to bring it up. Nice-ish, erm, try?

        • Nick

          With the fascist left, its always, “Look squirrel!”

          • Who knows. Maybe you can read. Here’s hoping. Good luck:


          • Nick

            You’re right. I can’t read. kajfdaoirgipegjerw;pj. Can’t write either.

            But here’s a better and more thoughtful discussion if you don’t want to buy Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism.


            The left is picking up all the pieces of a modern fascist state. It is the Tea Party that is calling for less intrusive government, not the left, who love to tell you that you can’t drink this, smoke that (except for MJ), do this, say that. Try to be honest with yourself for three minutes. You don’t have to admit it here.

          • That link seems good. The first two definitions were fine. I’ll assume the rest were equally valid descriptions of fascism. Still, quite a tortured argument one would have to make to think that the US democratic party are fascists. But hey, it’s easier to cast them as evil so you can take the default remaining “good” position against them rather than having to argue that your dumb ideas are better.

        • That’s funny. Socialism doesn’t apply to what’s happened to this country, definitionally. So mrmcfrugal is talking code, or simply doesn’t know what he is talking about. OH! But how I yearn for those simpler, less gay times! YUK!

          Yeah, that’s all I really have…

          • Stan_LS

            Right, because healthcare is not in the process of being nationalized right now.

            You might want to do some introspection and deal with your racism. Why is the race card your go to crutch?

          • You’re right. It’s not:

            Those are the times he’s yearning for. ’cause I doubt it’s the 70% income tax rates we previously had at the highest tax brackets back then.

          • Stan_LS
          • So if we’re being fair and actually arguing the point, the ACA places regulations on the insurance companies greater than what they’ve had. They’re still all entirely private companies (not socialistic). Because of the added regulation, on the spectrum, it’s a finite step away from free markets and towards socialism. But it stops without accomplishing it. Reid’s desire or intent does not make it any different. You have the definition of “nationalization” there in front of you. This law fails to do that. Full stop.

            If you want to reapply the partisan bent over that, we’ve been commies since 2010. Welcome to red America, comrade!

          • Stan_LS

            “stops without accomplishing it” – let’s be honest here. You got a gov’t ran obamacare competing vs private market. You got the very same government slapping extra regulations on the private market insurances companies, while at the same time legislating extra customers for itself. What’s more, our government – as we all know – can (and it does) run programs at a loss. How does a private market entity compete against a government run program that can exist endlessly at a loss?

          • Ask UPS and FedEx. It seems it’s not that difficult.

          • Stan_LS

            The gov’t forces people to use USPS or pay a fine? The gov’t forced USPS/Fedex to drop services? News to me!

          • To be properly analogous, the goverment forced people to ship from either UPS or FedEx. Failing that, from USPS, or pay a fine (Redundant, see “forced”).

            Still, if you want a model of how a private business can compete against the feds, there you have it. If you want a model of how a private insurer can compete against the federal marketplace where there’s no difference between that and the ACA, you’re all out of luck. This exact scenario hasn’t happened before. I guess that somehow renders the possibility of viable private enterprise DOA to you. Oh well, good luck.

          • Stan_LS

            Well if you want to be properly analogous, let’s get even more specific. Let’s say the government put out regulations that everybody had to ship next day and guarantee their packages to at least $1k (regardless of the real value)…

            When your competitor can slap regulations on you, force the public to become its paying customers, and run at a loss… Yea, the possibility of a viable competing private enterprise is DOA.

          • Well, I wouldn’t say “had to ship next day.” More like, if they found out you lived in a high crime neighborhood, they couldn’t just throw your package out instead of shipping it. Or charge you 10 times the amount it should cost because it’s an emergency delivery and you can’t shop between the other carriers. And they’d still have to deliver to your 26 year old children if they lived with you. … or something.

            Concerning guaranteeing packages up to $1k, this is the point of insurance. In some cases, the insurer will take a loss. This is by design; that’s what everyone else is paying into the system for. That’s why UPS and FedEx will have a bunch of new customers who didn’t really need to ship much, to help cover the costs of those who needed to dearly. The same principle applies to any type of insurance. Without the ACA, we subsidized this anyway through emergency room visits. We’ve just changed the model for how we handle that, and by covering everyone ahead of time, we can focus more on prevention so some of the emergent disasters will be eliminated.

          • Stan_LS

            Now your analogy just doesn’t make sense. There’s no restriction on age when it comes to shipping (though I guess you might have to be an adult to sign for it) and “they found out you lived in a high crime neighborhood” – doesnt’ make sense either. There’s no finding out – the address is on the package and the postage is prepaid.

            Anyway, the point here is that we had people who were happy with their insurance and we had insurance companies who were happy to have these customers. Obama came in and said – no good! These two private parties that were content in their relationship were told by the government that it can not continue.

            If a private company started off with telling people the could keep their doctor (lie), then had to revise their expenses several times over than the initial estimate, then find out that they couldn’t cover as much as they originally thought they could, and had issues with their website… Would it exist today?

            Only government could do this. They:

            1. Lied to get support
            2. Forced happy customers to leave their private insurance
            3. Forced those ex happy customers and those who never had insurance to become their clients.
            4. Couldn’t even implement their portal on time.

            This is pure socialism. Specially 2 and 3.

          • nic

            please stop feeding the troll. They can neither be reasoned with, nor helped. Just worry about your own children, and do your best for their future.

          • I’m trolling because I don’t agree with you? Solid. Hey, guess what I just found out on the internet today? You’re a troll! I’m morbidly curious what other adjectives you can use to describe someone who doesn’t agree with you. Though I’m sure I’d regret you telling me.

          • The 26 year old thing doesn’t really map over. That was a lame attempt at a joke. 🙂 Or something.

            The high crime area was meant to be a pre-existing condition, in this analogy.

            And while your point is well made, two happy partners in a private market relationship, we as democrats (and a sense, society) have determined that a bare minimum level of care is a better way to go compared to “technically enough to call it insurance” stuff that would leave people stranded when they least expected, even if they were happy with it.

            2 – They can go to other private insurance. Still not socialism. It’s simply regulation, even if burdensome.

          • Stan_LS

            Yea, ok. Create a gov’t run competitor while at the same time forcing people off their existing private insurance? You can dance around it, but this is socialism.

          • Stan_LS
      • alanstorm

        You didn’t even bother to read mcfrugal’s comment, did you?

        “Liberal” = “Reactionary” – no thinking necessary.

        • Oh, so it’s definitions that are too much for you? Well I understand your confusion then. You might wish to start there.

      • Joe Sixpack

        It’s not nostalgia for “White Power”; it’s political correctness, the grievance crowd and no more morality. Gays should not be put in jail but targeting a wedding photographer whose religion does not accept gay marriage and subjecting him to massive fines is contrary to Freedom of Religion and the First Amendment, and despicable. As the Duck Dynasty flap showed, gays have gone way too far. But other “grievances” or changes to avoid anticipated grievances are common. Gay marriage will force the courts to end bigamy, accept polygamy, and drop all other restrictions on marriage including incest, age, being dead and being a beast. Pedophilia will be decriminalized soon. America has become Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids populated by ignorant, illogical, greedy, weak gov dependents (BTW: Whites more than any “people of color” as there are still more of them; straights more than gays for the same reason; etc. – this is **not** an “old White male discomfort issue”), with a young generation w/ no future except to pay (somehow) for things the better-off long-lived elderly are “entitled to.” Environmentalists are domestic terrorists preventing any industrial/majority-preferred-quality-of-life (like having reliable transportation and electricity) and destroying America’s economy for fear of non-existent “Man-Made Climate Change.” America is no longer the land of opportunity, but the land of gov support, high unemployment and misused drugs. W/ the Constitution ignored, America no longer has any reason to exist. While God will not rain fire down upon it, al Qaeda, North Korea, Iran (and others) will as its military is further emasculated and defense spending is increasingly cut. Unless China forecloses.

        • “Gays should not be put in jail.” Lol. Jesus, man. What a premise to start off with. You might as well acknowledge that gays should not be put to sleep. Some concession, coming from Mr. Morality.

          How far is too far with how far the gays have gone? Equal rights? What a shame. How dare they want that? As long as they have a stack of hay to sleep on, and a slice of bread for the day, they should be content to work the fields without pay, blessed by America’s great bounty and promise!

          — What do you mean gay marriage will end bigamy? Where is bigamy practiced? You mean gay marriage will end monogamy, I think, but what a tortured argument you’d have to make there. And why is so much of your tirade laced with superstitious nonsense (ie – religion?)

          Fear of non-existent man-made climate change? Is the Bible the only book you’ve ever read? I challenge you to do a little of your own legitimate research on the topic, at the very least, not just from your biased infotainment sources that are desperate to have you believe it’s a hoax. You could start with this, a fairly authoritative source on the subject:

    • rose143

      The idea that all people are really created and treated equal is too much of a change for you? You deserve to be sick. Russia might be a good fit, or maybe Iran.

      • Nick

        Your equality is the equality of, ironically, Russia. It didn’t work anywhere else, but liberals, with their sycophantic media bootlickers, have made Newspeak a reality. I’m not as old as mistermcfrugal, but I have learned history. Your way will lead to destruction. In Russia, there is no safety net. Orphans are raised malnourished and have lives of despair. But because libs know no limits, we’ll be going in that direction soon enough. What libs don’t seem to understand is that Conservatives don’t want a collapse. They want o make sure that this country remains great, and that means not leading us to bankruptcy. But it is what it is. I pity you, and I pity those who will suffer when the collapse comes.

        • Nick Jihad

          Well said. Yes, the Titanic has already hit the iceberg, and no amount of lofty rhetoric from telegenic politicians can change that now.

      • JDanaH

        “The idea that all people are really created and treated equal is too much of a change for you?”

        Huh? America’s founding ideal of equality and individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is precisely what’s under attack by the current political establishment. But perhaps by “equality”, you instead refer to the equality of poverty and death — which I concede is where we’re heading.

      • alanstorm

        You’re not very bright, are you? Where was this mentioned in his comment – or was it only in your (tiny) mind?

    • wallypalo

      We can still take back America. Nine of our States have now filed or pre-filed applications for a Convention of States (an Article V convention), where Constitutional Amendments would originate to squeeze the Federal Government’s powers back to those intended by the Framers. Only 34 States are needed to call such a convention, and this movement’s only been underway since Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” was published last year.

    • Orson OLSON

      Go Galt – renounce Commie citizenship when you can – but going Galt doesn’t require that.

  • FickleFinger

    The United States and Eritrea are the only countries on Earth that require the filing of an income tax return by non-resident citizens regardless of where the income is earned. Those of you who think this “Big Brother” system is OK don’t have a solid grasp of personal liberty. You need to get out more often and visit a country where people don’t suffer from pervasive government tyranny – where governments don’t monitor you to the farthest corners of the Earth.

  • dianecee

    I am giving much thought to vacating the ghettoization of the USA.

  • damianmcglynn

    i’d like to see where they’re going,. I can’t decide

  • smedley

    That doesn’t include the fourteen thousand who moved to Detroit thinking they were moving to a third world banana republic.

  • bbwh

    They left only half the nation.
    The half run by the Democrats.

  • wally

    Normal people don’t want to live in a feminist and African Negroid Affirmative Destruction Action Bantustan. Good luck with your diversity, I’ve moved to the Southern Hemisphere and it’s great.

  • frank

    Remember when ABC/CBS/NBC would tout such stories under Bush? Now they are silent.

    • Bill Gryan

      In those days, the press would have referred to the NSA as “Bush’s NSA” or “the NSA under Bush”.

  • Prospector

    Who is John Galt?

  • massjim

    You should only be allowed to denounce your citizenship if you can prove that you did NOT vote for Obama. If you voted for Obama you should be required to remain a citizen and suffer the consequences of your own stupidity.

    • gcandersen

      I think you mean renounce, but denouncing may make you feel better.

    • Lanfear45

      I was poking around on your profile, saw some pretty stupid posts… but i couldn’t help myself to this one. Do you really think this is why? From the bottom of my heart i hope your fishing here… I mean if not Im ashamed to even be in the same species as you, hell how about family? But lets go on the assumption that you were just fishing here… Personally Im undecided about Obama, I feel under the right circumstances *Cough Cough* an equal amount of republicans and democrats in the houses *Cough Cough* he would surprise people. Im feeling bored, if you wish to pursue any further communication of he subject I would be happy too, perhaps you can find the reply button?

      • massjim

        I would like to pursue further communication with someone who can write a coherent sentence. Do you know anyone who qualifies?

  • amcalabrese

    I am a tax person who had been living overseas until recently. The truth is no one knows why this is happening. It could be as simple as the Federal government keeping better records of renounciations. From my own expereince overseas, it also could be the number of “accidential Americans” giving up their citizenship. These are people who were born in the US but never really lived here. Maybe their parents were working or in school here or they had one non-US parent and grew up overseas. They are now finding out they are supposed to have filed tax returns and did not.

    • GlobalTrvlr

      As a person who has lived around the world for 2-3 years at a time, but not recently, my impression is that it is getting harder and harder for an ex-pat from the standpoint of double taxation, and now the new banking laws that are causing many banks not to even deal with Americans policy, even for simple savings and checking accounts. I would like your take, being a recent expat and tax person.

      • amcalabrese

        I have heard of people who had issues such as not being allowed to open accounts or with monthly charges. I personally did not. Partly I think that was because I opened an account in the US with a bank that had branches in the UK, so I was able to easily open a UK account.

        Some countries do not allow discrimination on basis of national origin when opening an account.

        I have heard that some Swiss banks are not allowing Americans to open accounts, but that tends to be the specialty Swiss banks.

        From what I have heard personally, the real issues have been from the “accidental Americans” – the people born in the US when their parents were studying or working in the US. These people often never have a US passport and do not realize that they are US persons. In other cases, they think because they never renewed a passport they are no longer US citizens. This will be a big issue for Canadians, because especially in the western Canada, because the nearest hospital may be across the border.

        Another group giving up citizenship has been US persons living long term overseas. They have usually married a local, raised
        their children there, and have effectively cut all ties with the US. The tax issue (FATCA and otherwise) really was just what pushed them across the line to renouncing citizenship.

        Those are my unscientific thoughts. I agree that
        the number of people giving up citizenship has increased; I do not think it represents people fleeing the US but people who effectively had no ties with the US other than a place of birth.

  • GlobalTrvlr

    This is still a miniscule amount of the ex-pats.

  • Jim Nelson

    Next to the IRS scandal, this is Obama’s next best voter suppression scheme.

  • miriam sawyer

    I wouldn’t leave. This is my country, right or wrong. Or did someone already say that?
    We citizens voted for this gang of thieves. We can vote them out.

    • richard40

      As long as we don’t get to the point where the dem moochers permanently outnumber the producers. Once that happens, where the producers are a permanent despised minority, that will be looted with impunity, it is leave or revolution.

  • Tom Smith

    The US is headed for civil war.

    Either prepare for it–or get out.

  • bggatbdl

    Who can blame them? With all of the rumors that the Republicans will take over the Senate and keep the House in the next election, people are afraid of what the inevitable Republican policies of hate will mean for them. There will be no more health care for anyone but the wealthy, and women, children, minorities, and gays will relive the oppressive days of the Bush regime. Just the thought of it makes me want to leave the country too and not come back.

    • gcandersen

      Please do. Perhaps you can relocate to Iran, Russia or North Korea, where I am sure you will find the regimes less scary than potential Republican power here and it easier to implement your values through hope and change.

      • Micheal Planck

        Or, you know, Australia, with national health care, no mass shootings, 4 weeks paid vacation, and all the other nice things a society can buy when it’s not being parted out to corporations.

    • SmashingYoungMan

      You really think that’s why? I mean . . . really?

    • richard40

      The cofounder of Facebook did not flee to Singapore because of nasty repubs, but because he did not want his fortune taxed away with dem fed and CA taxes. Most of the people fleeing the country are not dem moochers, but capitalist producers. I also notice the spike started shortly after Obama got elected, dipped slightly in 2012 in hopes Romney would win and end the madness, then spiked even more in 2013, as we knew we would be stuck with 4 more years of Obama.

  • David Govett

    When all are “progressive” governments, what then?
    Perhaps a moon base will be required.

    • richard40

      Except that by current treaty the UN owns the moon, and all of outer space, so initially there will be no liberty there either. It will take colonization followed by a battle for independence from earth. Free Luna, Free Mars.

    • Micheal Planck

      You misunderstand. Some of these people are renouncing their citizenship in favor of more progressive countries.

  • doubleupagus

    Please don’t think this is because of fear of progressive government. A lot of these are “accidental” citizens (many of them Canadians) who happen to be Americans not by choice or desire, but by accident. My wife is an American citizen. She was born in Massachusetts to Canadian parents and came home to Canada when she was two. She’s never earned a dollar in the US or received a single benefit from the US government, and yet the IRS requires her to file Income taxes and report every asset and account she owns, or else risk the imposition of huge financial penalties, including the seizure of monies to which the US government has no right. It costs us $1500 a year to prepare these returns and forms and it’s not worth it, so she will be renouncing her US citizenship this year.

  • John F. Wolfington

    I wonder where they’re all going? You have to have a passport, right? So, what nationality are these people adopting?

  • Bill Gryan

    For those who haven’t caught on, these are “makers” that are leaving. The “takers” are staying. But things will be just fine here because we’ll have free birth control pills and unlimited candy.

  • Don Petrie

    Please name the 3 best things Prez Obama has done for those who voted for him. 20%+ increase in those on food stamps, 90%+ increase in those on disability benefits, increase in those no longer counted in seeking employment, increase in average # of weeks unemployed, increase in national debt of $5+ trillion, and highest % of employable individuals Not employed in 50 years. Those who voted for him are doing great…While top 1% are losing ground ….yeah right

  • Malka Kideckel

    I’d like to see George Soros fight for Article V Convention

  • Mark_in_VA

    What a stench! What right-wing nut site linked the article?

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