Don’t Blame Obamacare for Drag on Workforce

Ron Fournier argues that “the biggest ‘disincentive for people to work’ is not Obamacare. It’s the lack of jobs in a fast-changing, post-industrial economy that’s leaving millions of Americans behind.”

Acknowledging Obamacare’s flaws, Fournier contends that Americans need a national health insurance system that  remains “from job to grinding job—that gives them flexibility to seek retraining and, for a lucky few, a new career path geared to the high-tech economy.”

Fournier responds to the Republicans’ claim that Obamacare “‘creates a disincentive for people to work’ … The GOP argument takes a dim view of Americans. It assumes that the only reason millions of people work is for company health care insurance—that there is no inner drive to ascend economically and socially. Give me a government check and to hell with the American Dream.”

“Good or bad, Obamacare is of the same family as [other] government programs created in the industrial era as a so-called safety net for Americans left behind in that economy.”

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  • MrBeale

    Another intelligent Fournier column? He’s really improving after last year.

  • nifongnation


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